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Anyone who internet searches for 'Akashic records reading near me' ends up here on this website eventually; just so you know, actual distance between us is of no issue when it comes to Akashic work. You are your own Akashic record, so no need to search any longer, anywhere…it’s always near you.

Welcome to the newly updated Quintessence Studio Akashic Center.

And when I do anyone’s Akashic reading, in effect, I come to them, via spiritual connection. It’s because of that mystical connection that I trust this work more than I trust myself. I guess that makes me an Opti-Mystic because I’m joyful about it and I love to help people access the answers they already hold within, but couldn’t get to because the conscious, thinking, egoic-mind keeps getting in the way. So while you might think the answers are coming from me, I assure you, they’re coming from you. Your soul. That’s why this is the Workplace of Higher Being.

Do you seek to Know Yourself so you can Live Your Inspiration? I created Quintessence Studio Akashic Center for Intuitive Development and Akashic Healing. And with sound healing and creative growth modalities I have been helping folks around the world for well over a decade. I even have the wisdom gray on my head to show for it. If you wish to learn how to permanently break free from limiting patterns, to experience lasting change, or to live your wellness path and purpose from a joyful place just above this chaotic world, then visit the Akashic Center.

And Voila! Exactly where you are, you can get a Higher View, a full, comprehensive Soul Tree Akashic Healing reading, learn more about your Soul Nature, connect to your Path and Purpose or find out what’s been coming up and keeping you stuck with a Past Life Reading.  Invest in You.

Beyond the Mind Barrier

Soul Tree Akashic Readings grant us a gentle, neutral, peaceful way of systematically gleaning valuable information about ourselves, from outside of our conscious awareness.


Akashic Readings provide us with specific tools, understanding and actionable wisdom so we can live from our Higher Being according to our inherent Soul Nature. Not from a state of fear, or other’s opinions, society programming or collective unconscious beliefs.

This work isn’t for predicting the future. You do this work so you can make your future based on the insight you gain into what and why things happen in your life.


Ultimately, your future hasn't been written yet, it depends on the choices only you can make, now, one at a time.


With Soul Tree Akashic Healing, we connect to your soul, your Higher Being, your spiritual support team, including ascended masters and your spiritual guides.


Reading your Akashic Record through the Angelic Realm, I access information and you receive healing, divine love, light and truth, and get to re-connect to the Source of your true inner power. Remember, every Higher Being on your spiritual team is on your side, first and always, for your growth.

If you’ve heard of Akashic records reading, it’s not like enduring a past life regression where you can find yourself emotionally re-triggered or lost subconsciously. You get to be relaxed, and going about your day.


Local or long distance, I simply read about your soul with neutrality from a sensible distance that permits objectivity that you cannot attain for yourself.


Furthermore, I listen to what your soul needs to say and it points me in the right direction for further investigation.  All this can take place because Akasha is the fundamental vibratory layer of the universe that connects everything.

The secret is in raising your vibration. When you rise above and leave behind the clamoring, say-so world we live in, you disconnect from the collective unconscious, and re-connect instead to your Higher Being. Begin to Live Your Inspiration from a Higher View beyond fear and perceived limitations:


Open yourself to a wider array of choices


Realize unique gifts you though were flaws

Discover unexpected innate talents

Access answers already within you

Create higher dimension solutions

Reconnect & Live from Divine Power

Make decisions with certainty & clarity




For all Soul Tree readings, I open your Akashic Record to uncover beneath-the-roots causes at spiritual level of energetic patterns that may be holding you back at the physical level, behaviors that keep you from reaching your fullest potential. Soul Tree Akashic Healing comes from higher dimension resources including the Angelic Realm. You get to relax and go about your day, worry-free.


As an Master Akashic practitioner, I help pinpoint the root causes of what your soul remembers and carries as burdens it can't let go of. The soul refuses to shed what it thinks it needs to remember, for better or worse, and its original radiant soul nature has been darkened.


The process is much like a key that opens the door to all your unconscious programming you adopted along your journey, whatever it thought served at one time. We locate everything that veils and restricts the soul, everything that no longer serves. Think about the repeating patterns and cycles showing up in your daily life – we determine the reasons behind them in relation to your main Akashic lesson. And we heal and clear them so the soul and your conscious mind gets to make sense of it all.


You emerge beyond with a better understanding of meaning behind events, a clear direction for growth, and a renewed passion for life instead of the familiar procrastination and action paralysis festering inside the rutted comfort zone. The objective is to experience spiritual growth for inner freedom, with compassion and forgiveness, without revisiting past trauma or getting re-triggered in order to process and heal. I created and designed Akashic work just for this reason.

No re-suffering what’s already suffered. We focus on lessons learned and new choices. Onward and upward. Because the secret in removing all that is NOT YOU, your vibration increases. 


Plus you get to Know Yourself at soul level as you discover how your Soul Tree grows the boughs that reach out to the world and blossoms like no other, and bears the kind of fruit that comes from only you. Invest in you.

WHAT clients SAY


The results from the Akashic Healing with NeuroSound have lasted and I'm a changed person. I sleep through the night and feel more alive during the day, my clients have noticed! Thank you!


I am very happy with the direction my life is taking after working with you and can’t wait to see what happens as more of the amazing transformation takes hold from doing this work! My old ways are done!

N. L.

Thanks to working with you, the reconnection I feel with my higher self and my creative power is back. I’m amazed, and so thankful. This was so much fun!

Akasha is omnipresent and exists both inside and outside of us. Our physical body isn't separate from other conscious beings. In fact, our energy body and spiritual bodies, and even our very consciousness that comprises our Higher Being, extends and overlaps many dimensions and extends to every other living creature in our world. This is how we are interconnected. Our existence extends beyond what we know in the world of matter, space, and time. Akasha is the universe's memory receiving and storing our thoughts, words, and actions. It exists in the physical world and also in our souls. It’s as though we are all water droplets in the same ocean that is the Universe.

Are you ready to engage in the only kind of Spiritual Growth path that is literally individualized to you, BY YOU? 


All healing and information comes through with clarity from the highest dimension - Angelic Realm - from your Akashic record and Higher Being. There is no dogma to follow or be limited by, just your own Higher Being wisdom. 


Get in touch with me here at Quintessence Studio about Soul Tree Akashic Healing with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations for you.


Beyond the Mind Barrier... Live from Higher Being 

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