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How you create is how you heal. 

Expressing ourselves in any healthy form without fear is a proven, necessary key to joy, fulfillment and wellness. While fully present, creative expression is the safest and best practice for bringing awareness to and processing repressed emotions. Free expression shines light on the shadow via to a spontaneous, un-pre-planned approach that bypasses the judging, thinking mind and encourages connection to your Higher View.


Fun, effective, and often surprising, the  Outer Expression process is based on modern  neuroplasticity research and clinical applications. Soul Tree's Creative Explorations work cooperatively with Akashic Healing programs & NeuroSound, and are backed by best practices of NICABM and Expressive Arts, Shelley Klammer PhD.






Each exploration program provides a different action aspect of Akashic wisdom with just the right amount of structure. Available in a closely guided format whether local or long distance, these avenues of Outer Expression activate alchemical transformation that releases trapped tension and negativity bringing new healthy change at the cellular level. They reinforce Akashic Healing and help you reclaim Inner Freedom.


Up to date creativity therapy, neuroscience and mindfulness research, from Mind & Life, Heartmath, Esalen and other mind-body healing institutes state that in the right environment, specific harmonizing activities that foster presence provide the most liberating, transformative experiences. The “Intention – Attention – No Tension” approach allows free choice to rewire new neural patterns for inner freedom and authority. 


The process of choosing then immediately acting from a place far away from self-doubt, harsh criticism, and comparison  while in creative exploration mode  lead to healthier states of being throughout daily life, filled with joy, increased self-awareness, self-acceptance and new vitality. 

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Beyond the Mind Barrier

           of  creativity    

Your truth is

your inspiration.

Access your own

answers within.

Because the soul knows what it needs next

When you admit your truth, you know yourself...

Align and redefine 

yourself by that truth.

This is not writing school or art therapy. Creative explorations do not focus on specific skills development or theory in writing, art or music technique. There are no lessons. Critique, judgment, or analysis for improvement on outcomes have no place in Creative Explorations, this is purely for your soul to explore and heal. This is about learning how to express, and witness.


While we creatively explore through the languages of the soul, such as color, light, sound and metaphor, we still use our shared expression of language as a basis for finding or making meaning. Any outcome of an exploration arrives via an avenue for spiritual truth to rise up and out for understanding and deep insight.


Each carefully designed Soul Tree Creative exploration asks the explorer to be in a continuous cycle of presence, choice and follow-up action. Multi-dimensional harmonization objectives include experiential intuitive development and pre-reflection, accessing the deep human condition, synthesis and integration and post-reflection. 


These processes harmonize your body and mind, revitalize your energy and spirit. Become productive and receptive to life in ways you never knew you could be. Deeper feeling, engagement with the world and connection to others is an assured result.

I can help you discover your specialty of how you create.




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