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Become an expert at bypassing your thinking mind.

Besides, your soul

always knows what comes next.

Akasha is the foundation of the vibrating universe that gives rise to interconnectedness. Everything overlaps across dimensions. We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience in the third dimension, overlapping with time in the fourth dimension, yet it seems like not much that is divine overlaps at all. We need to experience everything through direct engagement and taking actions over time if we expect to influence or observe change. 


But how do we engage if we are trapped or feel isolated? When we are paralyzed to taking action, we cannot express ourselves outwardly and influence for change. We feel frustrated and powerless. So you see, without both Inner Freedom and Outer Expression, we cannot experience our path and purpose. We cannot live. Higher Self Wisdom needs to come through, somehow, and when it does, the good news is that you gain access to so much more multi-dimensional information about the expansive experience that is you, and yes, you can access the answers already within you, so you can really live... to feel, heal and reveal.

Path and Purpose doesn’t present as your job, or your hobby or even as a passing interest. I believe it doesn’t stem from anything in this lower dimension. It is an enlightened way of from your Higher Being. Then everything on earth becomes a way to manifestation. It’s more about the how you present spiritually while incarnate, and more about how you live, therefore, less about what you do to get along from day to day.


So take a moment to think about how we could live well over the largest arc of time and being, despite crazy, awful conditions. Think about all the different ways we show up and engage, the kind of influence we generate and the kind of wake we leave behind once we leave the room, or this life. How have others experienced us? This is a great way to consider your Path and Purpose. If we are barely aware of our effect here and now, imagine our confusion when we can’t remember the choices we made and the effects we caused outside of our conscious remembering?

Beyond the Mind Barrier

Since time immemorial, creative outlets have been humanity's best methods to connect with and express our divine path and purpose, regardless of our stage of evolution, even before we had language and civilization structures.


Inspiration and hidden messages come through in dreams, what triggers us, and via our creative endeavors. In each of these cases, notice how the egoic-thinking mind is bypassed.


True, free creative expression can look more like an immediate, knee-jerk reaction than coming from a rational, pre-planned technique. In any case, creative expression is necessary for a healthy, joyful meaningful and productive life.

We are not meant to be of the world, buried beneath it, feeling directionless, stuck or controlled in unconsciousness…or what might have happened in a past life. 


Think about yourself or anyone who has felt a deep inexplicable urgent drive to make a difference now but can’t find the words or finish the sentence because they sense time running out. And it will be too late.

Does it always have to do with past life incidents? Would it matter either way? Not if you could acknowledge the hidden root cause and bear witness to what needs to be expressed through you. It’s all part of our tightly braided Deep Human Condition.

Joyfully making meaning (in a state of presence) is essential for our Higher Being health. Because it knows it’s being listened to.

Fast forward to today. Your unique path and purpose is still spiritual, but it is not the job you do or your persona/identity.


Your spiritual nature shows up in all forms of your original creative expression, which IS your Higher Self Wisdom, into everything of your daily life. 


To live your path and purpose is to express whatever needs to be brought into manifestation, is to be as your Higher Being in the world.

Speaking Faces

Constellation & Fable

Storytelling Music

Universe in a Picture

Three Object Dance

Fictional Mastermind

and more multimodal explorations to grow your intuition !

The secret to raising your vibration is in taking action as Outer Expression. When you rise above and leave behind the clamoring, say-so world we live in, you disconnect from the collective unconscious, and re-connect instead to your Higher Being. Begin to Live Your Inspiration from a Higher View beyond fear and perceived limitations:



Become an expert at bypassing your

thinking mind

Learn to let your soul choose every time

without directing or judging

Learn to let you Higher Self Wisdom come though unfiltered and unedited

Sharpen your intuition and extra-sensory


Learn deep feeling, active healing and honest revealing

Know Yourself, and Live Your Inspiration



The process of energetic healing demonstrates an alchemical transmutation is taking place. Actions of Outer Expression is what raises your vibration and commences the healing process. Not just thinking about it. In Quintessence Studio Akashic Center work, particularly in Creative Explorations, you take actions perfectly timed to reinforce healing toward Inner Freedom.

If you are seeking to reclaim your inner authority and rise above limiting patterns because you want to Know Yourself through your Path and Purpose, however it presents, we can access the answers already within you with Soul Tree Akashic Past Life and Purpose reading. Know that your unique Path and Purpose glints clearly via past life readings and through your own Higher Self Wisdom reading giving you the answers you will not find externally. From there, your soul knows what it needs to express, in order to heal. We grow through experiences engaging in the process of outer expression, otherwise we remain stuck.

We all hold natural creativity as vital force energy within us. If you are alive, you have natural creativity because what is vital life force? Same as Love and Creation. We can learn to be in constant connection with our Higher Being, and follow our own actionable wisdom to live our soul's path and purpose full time, 24-7-365. We choose to participate in Creative Explorations to give ourselves the most fun, novel, intriguing and effective outlet for your Higher Self to express its wisdom so you can joyfully reveal who you are - the real you. 

My Soul Tree Akashic Healing work at Quintessence Studio involves pinpointing root causes of self-imposed limitation, and removing blocks at all levels simultaneously: physical, energetic, and spiritual. I've found that it's essential to guide holistic healing when opening to aspects of ourselves through creative expression vital in discovering your true path and purpose.


You have to set up the right conditions and environment for spontaneous choices, multi-sensory interrelation and synthesis action from color, sound, embodied movement or soul’s metaphor or any combination thereof that comes out of Creative Exploration. You will know how to do that for each one, they're all different.


You'll experience wellness first-hand from of intuitive and creative boosts as you regain connection to, strength and vitality from Source, that you harness and channel into your passion Path and Purpose for life.

WHAT explorers SAY


I have learned that my soul seems very different from me. It has its own way, that I do not always understand. From the process drawing, the colors it chose make sense to me and I see the isolation I feel inside.


It wasn't until I took part in the Creative Explorations that I realized how busy my mind was with external nonsense. This gave me the skills I needed to learn how to be present. I had to be aware at each stage of the process. Fascinating!


Thank you for making me get out my juicy oil paints to do the exploration healing over 2 yrs ago. I rely on my spiritual guidance first. And it's been instrumental in dealing with my health issues.

The right structure, guidance and environment are crucial for feeling safe to reveal your inner truth. We let your soul choose which Creative Exploration it wishes to do first, and next. Sometimes, you may need to work with color in a large abstract format; at other times, it needs to speak its truth through you in words or embodied movement, or through rhythmic music.

We uphold the right to give ourselves permission to be unconcerned with the product or surface image of the outcome, but instead bear witness to the key message your soul is expressing through process.


All Creative Explorations have been designed to make use of what you already have in your house - no fancy equipment or tools required. If the idea of getting to Know Yourself this way intrigues you, let's schedule your session.

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