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the Fifth element, Akasha or Quintessence, gives rise to the manifest four...

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Akashic Reading Training

$1247 Akashic Training I

12 modules teaching the Vedic Lineage protocol-based foundations of Akashic Reading and Clearing with practical applications. Based on 12 dimensional model of New Akashic Paradigm, spiritual and energetic elements and influences are correlated to the client's main Akashic lesson as it presents today. Supervised Practicum toward Level 1 Certification, sample client readings and best practices for client communication.   14 weeks

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Soul Tree Akashic Training 1


$697 Guidance Sessions

Set of four 45 min one-on-one local or long-distance guidance sessions that work in your Akashic record to aid in your intuitive development. Use over a 3 month period. These sessions are pragmatic for actionable wisdom as you Know Yourself. The objective is for you to Live Your Inspiration, whether that means life enhancements using your intuitive gifts, unlock creativity to meet your life intention, or develop a new vocation you create with your gifts.

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Path and Purpose Guidance

$427 Access Answers Within

This 4 module course teaches how to use a pendulum to access the answers already within you. Learn how to establish clear communication with a confident connection without interference. Raise your own vibration as you explore toward freedom, strength and presence, get to know your support systems in all dimensions, identify limiting beliefs, initiate change and learn the basics of doing energy work on yourself. Includes required book A Most Curious Device.    5 weeks

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Access Answers Within Course

intuitive development

$527 Intention & Alignment

This 5 module course focuses on the fact that YOU MATTER, and so do the changes you desire. Start by securing your highest vision intention for life enhancement according to your soul's path andpurpose. Course includes Akashic reading targeted to help you determine what your innermost life intention is. Clarify your true priorities and develop action plans in alignment with your life intention - you are here for a unique reason. Work at  your own pace and make life enhancements in real time. 8 weeks

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Intention & Alignment Course

$527 Mystery to Mastery

5 module training of the enlightened pathways for life enhancement that lead to inner independence and personal mastery:  Inner Authority, Balance, Clarity and Direction. Includes Inner ABCD Akashic reading, NeuroSound Alchemy and four 20 min Guidance Sessions based on action modules.  5 weeks

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Mystery to Mastery Course

Akashic Reading Training

$1247 Akashic Training II

12 modules covering advanced protocol-based Akashic reading and clearing, including spiritual alchemy of Soul Tree Akashic Healing. Level 2 allows for deeper exploration of concepts of the 12 Dimensional Model and concentrates on a wider scope of karmic conditions and spiritual relationships that affect a client's present life experience. Includes best business practices, best business training, Practice Client Internship toward Level 2 Certification    14 weeks.

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Soul Tree Akashic Training 2

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