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Are you ready to engage in a form of Spiritual Growth based on you and your soul nature? If you are already on a path of exploration and discovery, maybe you still keep repeating the same old patterns despite your best attempts. Perhaps you don’t feel safe to express yourself as you are, or where you are. Or you are just plain stuck.


To me nothing feels emptier than a soul that yearns to reach its potential while locked in old patterns. It leaves us feeling lost and frustrated like maybe there isn't a way to get there from here. That's where Soul Tree Akashic Healing with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations can help you reconnect to your Higher Being, and to your source of inner power...feel, heal and reveal.

All three modalities are created and designed to function together to harmonize the three levels of our being, spiritual, energetic and physical. It goes deep and brings permanent lasting change by alchemical transmutation of low vibration to high vibration at all levels simultaneously. It involves the spiritual healing of inaccessible, un-pin-down-able deep seated burdens and the liberating removal of trapped energies in your cells and etheric system that have been draining your vital life force.

Once your core affinity has upshifted to a higher vibration, all aspects of low vibration fall away because it is now out of affinity with you, and your Higher Being path and purpose.

This is how to gain Inner Freedom and Unlock Creativity naturally, by raising your vibration. And you feel healthier, stronger and clearer, too.

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Beyond the Mind Barrier

Soul Tree Akashic Healing programs are automatically individualized to your specific healing needs, for your particular situation because of spiritual connection to your Higher Being.


Most Soul Tree Akashic programs with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations can take three months - it’s different for each person - it’s not a quick-fix that leaves you in the same state as when you started.


During that time, the baggage is released, literally, from your physical body. With the full program that brings about alchemical transmutation, you feel lighter, brighter, wiser and ready to take new action in alignment with your intention.


No more mental or emotional blocks and internal resistance. You have clarity and resilience.

Unconscious burdens the soul insists on holding onto have the power to block all your efforts and intentions from the inside.


So your stuckness isn’t caused by externals, where we tend to project. Inner feelings of restriction and limitation occupy your mind and drain your energy, especially when unaware at a conscious level.


If your identity is hidden beneath the shadow of your potential, you might feel misunderstood, ineffective, like you have no choices. You become the rut you feel caught in.


While you may appear fine on the outside, you know at a gut level that something has to change from inside. After all, that’s where your answers, gifts and power reside.

What we do here at Quintessence Studio is so much more than indulging past life curiosities to answer your questions and rattling off some wise platitudes to take new actions. This work will never insist you are something other than what you truly are, and are capable of.

If today were to be your last day to make a difference in this world are you certain of all you could have been capable of? Did you truly know yourself? Do you believe it is possible to release exactly what has been holding you back?


Experience mind-body clarity and harmony of Soul Tree Akashic Healing that starts where you are, and raises your spiritual altitude along with your inspirational attitude...bringing you closer to manifesting your highest vision and potential.

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Ease in taking bold next step action


Feel healthier, stronger, lighter, clearer

Restored & revitalized passion for life

A permanent shift to innate joy

Increased creative self-expression

Heightened intuition & awareness

Imbue yourself with  Living Trust


Delight in your own confidence

Blaze your own trail & make your mark 

When you can't see your way through the confusion of choices, too many or too few, the truth is that your soul won't rest until it expresses its divinity through you. It knows your path, your purpose, your inherent gifts and the step you need to take next.


As a fundamental layer of the universe, Akasha is the basis for sound. That's why Soul Tree Akashic Healing offers supportive, reinforcing sound healing, with proprietary NeuroSound audio. Sound waves interact with our brain to open new neural pathways and influence the biochemistry in your body for healing.


Science indicates that sound can actually alter our physical, subconscious and conscious state of being. In fact, sound acts to cleanse and re-organize our multi-dimensional being. Feel a new clarity, sense of vitality, and passion for life.


Additionally, we offer guided Creative Explorations for processing that provide a grounded, safe and healthy outlet for trapped energy newly liberated – aligned to your path and purpose. We provide a compassionate safe environment to harness the liberated vital life force and channel it toward healthy outer expression that reclaims your Inner Authority.


Because you are the one making the new choices from a wider array in the right window of neural firing time, you experience more confidence, energy and vitality with a renewed passion for life and purpose.

WHAT clients SAY


The results from the Akashic Healing with NeuroSound have lasted and I'm a changed person. I sleep through the night and feel more alive during the day, my clients have noticed! Thank you!


I am very happy with the direction my life is taking after working with you and can’t wait to see what happens as more of my own amazing transformation takes hold from doing this work!

N. L.

Thanks to working with you, the reconnection I feel with my higher self and my creative power is back. I’m amazed, and so thankful. This was so much fun!

Are you ready to engage in the only kind of Spiritual Growth path that is literally individualized to you, BY YOU? 

All healing and Akashic information comes through with clarity from the highest dimension - Angelic Realm - from your record and your Higher Being. There is no dogma to follow or be limited by, just your own wisdom with support from your  spiritual team. 


Get in touch with me here at Quintessence Studio about Soul Tree Akashic Healing with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations for you.


Beyond the Mind Barrier... Live from Higher Being 

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