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Quintessence Studio

Anjali B. Arnold is the founder and creative force of Quintessence Studio, the creator of the Akashic healing modality Soul Tree and NeuroSound therapy having studied with the world’s best in the mind-body healing field. She earned has advanced honors degrees in physics and mathematics as well as music and education. Via the Creativity Coaching Association, she is a creative growth practitioner, and is a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association.

Anjali is a born Akashic intuitive and gifted teacher and exhibits the real-world example of how to live from Higher Self and Soul first and foremost and how to express yourself from a place of inner independence and personal power, especially in relationships. She successfully built her work and business having learned how to escape the suffocating  clutch of perceived obstacles, resistance and excuses that held her back for decades. She is a guidance consultant toward inspired alignment using the new perspective of inner truth and the actionable wisdom of cosmic consciousness. She knows what it takes to be a passionate and equanimous master in any avenue of life: enthusiasm, excellent training, diligence and high-powered intention and

most of all, knowing yourself. 


Your truth is

your inspiration.

Access your own

answers within.

Because the soul knows what it needs 


Her early path was strongly academic-based; a Bachelors Degrees in physics, mathematics and education (B.Sc Hons, B.Ed), along with elective studies in mindfulness, creative growth, modern psychology, neuroscience applications for trauma, creativity and behavior, in addition to architecture and the intuitive arts. No longer perturbed by fear of judgment or stage fright as in childhood, she overcame her fear of being seen and the challenges of society's judgment, comparison, rejection and criticism, having dropped her struggle for the old version of "originality". She performs her music in public, openly shares her work and stands strongly in herself in all avenues of growth - as is. Anjali is a pianist, vocalist, music teacher and collaborator, composer and arranger and was trained in the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Anjali’s vision is that each of us, as spirited human beings, must be able to express ourselves freely in order to heal our wounds and unburden the soul, because we create and do good works naturally. By helping others to create their own lifestyle imbued with spiritual self-nourishment is what she knows will grow humanity to its highest potential, one individual at a time.

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