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Anjali B. Arnold is the founder and creative force of Quintessence Studio, the creator of the Akashic healing modality Soul Tree and NeuroSound Akashic audio healing having studied with the world’s best in the mind-body healing field. She earned advanced honors degrees in physics and mathematics as well as music and education. A member of the Creativity Coaching Association, she is an international creative growth practitioner, and is a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association.



Anjali is a published author and accomplished musical artist. Born an Akashic intuitive, she is gifted teacher and exhibits the real-world example of how to live from Higher Self and Soul first and foremost so you can express yourself from a place of inner independence and personal power. She successfully built her work and business having learned how to escape the suffocating  clutch of perceived obstacles and resistance that held her back for decades.


She is a guidance consultant for inspired alignment using the wider perspective of Akashic truth and self-knowledge. "I know from experience what it takes to be a passionate and equanimous master in any avenue of life: enthusiasm, excellent training, diligence and high-powered intention and most of all, knowing yourself.  I can help you do the same, no matter where you live. We start where you are."



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The part of you that you are most afraid to share is what this world needs most.

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Know Yourself...

     Live Your Inspiration

Akasha...Moving Beyond the Mind Barrier

Aug 25 2021 Interview with Anjali 


Carrie (of Carrie Farmer Connections) and I  spend an hour talking in depth about what the soul holds on to as burdens, its perceptions of safety, how the ego, our upbringing and surrounding life circumstances build the mind barrier that we can't seem to penetrate when we need clarity and inner truth the most. Learn how Akashic work doesn't promote the same emotional muck-raking as therapy or past life regressions when it comes to healing and releasing stored memories of spiritual burdens. By moving beyond the mind barrier, instead of attacking it, miracles happen and you access the answers already within you.