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This Quintessential remake is dedicated to Marlene, with thanks to Jean Marc. This track contains Quintessence Studio's experimental piano ambient effect plus NeuroSound to aid with healing grief. Headphones recommended.


Outer expression of your inspiration is Talent.

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Episode 8: Meet Marlene - Pathways to Higher Being Part 3


This episode is for everyone. A stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis did not force Marlene onto any prescribed pathway of what we consider standard earth-based healing or oncology. Her miraculous story begins with her intuitive choice to engage in what she calls "a creative dance with death" as she approached the very brink and rose beyond it. It was clear to her higher self that her unique dance would involve a delicate balancing act to harmonize alternative therapies and traditional oncological medicine - blended with art and poetry that has become the permanent manifestation of her healing in real time.


In a pre-death Quintessential Experience, Marlene explains the crucial message she received from spirit that established her daily approach and set her upon the path of first learning how to live well before one can learn to die well. How to rise above is something all of us need to know amidst any life situation, health condition or limiting belief set.

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My most meaningful project…Picture a clutch of multi-colored balloons, all different sizes and shapes, reaching toward the sun. You’re holding them because they are yours. They are you. As for me, helping other people recognize and figure out how they already are naturally creative beings, inherently, brings them to a new place of self-realization. I have found that intending to create anything from nothing (the ultimate meaningful project) is a direct connect to your own inherent worth that is undeniable. It is possibly the most powerful pathway to inner knowing and self-worth.  READ FULL INTERVIEW

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Anjali B. Arnold is the founder and creative force of Quintessence Studio, the creator of the Akashic healing modality Soul Tree and NeuroSound Akashic audio healing having studied with the world’s best in the mind-body healing field. She earned advanced honors degrees in physics and mathematics as well as music and education. A member of the Creativity Coaching Association, she is an international creative growth practitioner, and is a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association.



Anjali is a published author and accomplished musical artist. Born an Akashic intuitive, she is gifted teacher and exhibits the real-world example of how to live from Higher Self and Soul first and foremost so you can express yourself from a place of inner independence and personal power. She successfully built her work and business having learned how to escape the suffocating  clutch of perceived obstacles and resistance that held her back for decades.


She is a guidance consultant for inspired alignment using the wider perspective of Akashic truth and self-knowledge. "I know from experience what it takes to be a passionate and equanimous master in any avenue of life: enthusiasm, excellent training, diligence and high-powered intention and most of all, knowing yourself.  I can help you do the same, no matter where you live. We start where you are."



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