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Defrauded by Builder Contractor

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1. Fraudsters prey on those who are unaware and in a hurry. Warning signs to look for are a rush sale "we can start right away", a quote too good to be true, taking money to move up in line to get started sooner...and have your own research and homework done on costs.

2. Do not choose a contractor from the internet. Reviews can be faked or "stacked" and if a company has access to that page, they can immediately remove bad reviews.

3. Fraudsters know there is a worker shortage. If they solicit first, door to door or otherwise, trust your intuition and know something is up. Reliable, competent, integrity-filled builder contractors and tradespeople are probably too busy doing good work to go "fishing".

4. Never give money up front - even if you have signed a contract. Solid c
ontractors with business built on integrity typically don't ask for funds up front. They don't need it. Wait in line for one of the good guys. If need be, arrange to pay for materials yourself and have deliveries come direct to you.

5. If your project is an emergency repair/renovation, check with your insurance company. Then get solid referrals from your insurance company or from someone you know or trust, a neighbour or a business in town who has had work done successfully. Do not rely on hearsay.
 Reach out with your own questions and get neutral objective answers free of an agenda.
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Warning against Robert J. Murdoch BuildX - Next Space etc...

If you searched for reviews on Robert J Murdoch or BuildX Builders, he is still active in securing new private contracts under his personal name, check out all the reviews below before signing over any monies to him. On public record is the legal judgment we won in Ontario Small Claims Court last September.  He uses the business names of County Hearth and Home, Next Space LLC and most recently Green Build Innovations.

As I posted on the BBB reviews site, if you have been defrauded, contact your local OPP detachment or consult a lawyer to see if you have a case. We did and the judge found in our favour.  Email me at for a questionnaire to add your case to a file that we intend to present to CBC national and Markeplace. Visit the Facebook group Defrauded by Builder-Contractor for more information 

See Other Sites for More Reviews against this builder

Better Business Bureau   Robert J Murdoch. BuildX Builders

4975 Northumberland 45, PO Box 186, Baltimore, ON K0K 1C0  BuildX Builders  (416) 886-3655  Cobourg, ON K9A 4G3, 29 Brook Rd S

If you've been defrauded by a builder-contractor, send a message to join a national list, I'll get back to you with a questionnaire

Thanks for submitting!

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