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Do you believe that music is an enlightened pathway for Spiritual Growth? That music has the power to heal, and making music is a form of self-healing?

Singing and music making is a creative activity shared and enjoyed across the globe. Most agree they are necessary pathways for a joyful life, whether in community or solo, music is something we long to experience and share because it is a very human endeavor. Bathed in sonic vibration, what had been fragmented becomes whole and the whole mystically becomes greater than the sum of the parts. We are not only healed, we are enlightened.  

Making music is a real form of self-healing - everything you need to heal is even encoded in your own voice. So YES, making music your way counts as part of your Path and Purpose so read on to learn more about how your commitment to creative Outer Expression through the music you want to make forges a real path of Spiritual Growth. After all, any music you create from a place of inner freedom, as exploration, is legit creativity. And music is sound, which is Akasha. So by making music with your voice or an instrument puts you in direct contact with the numinous and ineffable Divinity.

Rest easy - developing the kind of quality discipline associated with spiritual growth doesn’t happen by what you do for your practice, but by how you feel during the practice. This is not about judgment, there is no competition. Just so you know, spiritual growth quality discipline isn’t generated from rote-style drudgery with hours of inane repetitions of the same task. All that generates is aversion and procrastination. And that defeats the purpose of music lessons and vocal training at Q Music Studio. Here, we are all about self-realization, self-liberation and self-knowledge.


I have learned personally from 40+ years of music lessons in piano and 20+ years vocal training and performance that the best builder of self-confidence is to know yourself, your potential and your pitfalls, so you can grow above them. You automatically get better at it from the experience alone. Creatively work your quirks into your own voice, your own style. It's what all the top artists do. The best way to reveal your unique authenticity is to embrace it all. And  you only learn how with good, solid training - in your own security. This is the spiritual practice underlying the action of your practice.

Vocal training for spiritual growth, like creative explorations, is a spontaneous process that relies on free association techniques as a way to connect to the spirit. The continuous flow of music and harmonics help access unconscious feelings and memories, as well as conjuring personal symbols that we can use to increase our spiritual awareness.

So now you know how music lessons and vocal training become a path of Spiritual Growth. Music connects to you your Spirit. Your Spirit is secure, and you are inherently safe at all times. Carry this gift with you, wherever you go in life.

Beyond the Mind Barrier

Musical expression is a natural creative urge of our Deep Human Condition and is what soothes us and connects us as a universal language, like food for our souls.


It is as crucial and nourishing to us as loving touch, as transcendental as the most revered meditation. Singing out loud, unreservedly, sets your soul free.


Making music transports you to the zone. Either way, you’ve raised your vibration and connected to a Source of power high above this chaotic world.


In music, you are imbued by the divine and its power becomes your inner power.

The way of music emerged naturally in ancient times at our earliest evolution, such as chanting in community on our tribal lands, making instruments for drumming and fluting, and intoning for our first spiritual ceremonies.


These are the same foundational way of the enlightened pathways to spiritual growth and connection used at Quintessence Studio today.


Organic and unforced, we start from your soul nature first. You get to know yourself in how you naturally create music.


Only then do we walk the Path and Purpose of Spiritual Growth.

Our ancestors noticed something special back then about the healing and connection power of making music. Maybe they knew Akasha was the vibrational medium of the Universe and were our first Akashic practitioners.


Today, the musical arts are our way to connect to our own Higher Being and each other. But if we experience in presence, then interpret and assimilate those experiences that way determines valuable meaning and instigates spiritual growth.


If our experience is without presence, and with judgment and comparison focusing on outcomes instead, we ruin everything and lower our vibration even further.

Akasha Advises: each human being's distinct human voice is a vibrational link joining the microcosmos to macrocosmos.

As above, so Below.


You are your own universe. Your voice is your own powerful means of self-alignment. Let your voice be heard.

As within, so without.

Quintessence Studio couldn’t be the Workplace for Higher Being if we adhered to the competitive human society’s outworn definitions of creativity, talent and failure.


These words have become limiting concepts that pervade our schools, homes and hearts via the collective unconscious and our own reinforcement.


Because of perceived value through judgment and comparison and experience that has little to do with presence for spiritual growth.

So we accept the challenge and are empowered to redefine:



Creativity as making your choice from a place of inner freedom. 

Outer expression of your spiritual inner truth as true talent.

By living your inspiration, there is no such thing as failure.


At Q Music Studio, music lessons and vocal training are not pro-performance pressure, directed toward judgy, showy outcomes at all. Because that just amplifies tension and triggers fear.

Think about it. We can’t sing or play an instrument if we feel frightened of being judged or rejected or because our throat is choking over from fear. I couldn’t play the piano at childhood recitals with my hands shaking and my foot quivering on the damper pedal. We find spiritual growth in the joy of singing and making music with focused, equanimous attention to the beauty of the task for ourselves. And no one else.


As is the Tao of all pathways at Quintessence Studio, you learn to tell the difference between anxiety and anticipation. Anxiety suggests you are not safe. Anticipation means you joyfully KNOW how to handle anything because of solid, secure training. So you reach your pro-performance potential without ever striving for it, or punishing yourself by what you think.

Creative expression is the best method to release the vital force energy trapped inside us—nothing more natural or meaningful than listening to music and responding internally to sound. Musical exploration is an active way to instigate healing work, and authentically express our needs in a healthy outlet. Your heartbeat entrains to your drumming rhythm.You can use voice to create healing sound, let music guide your paint and color, or use writing or oral storytelling, to express your higher self.


Music is the way to re-connect to your Higher Being, for you to express yourself honestly and openly, without fear. Music lessons feel like fun, intriguing Creative Explorations where you learn naturally through experience and doing in a safe, enthusiastic environment. There is no such thing as failure when you’re exploring what feels right for you, because you are connected to something much wiser than you. You return from your journey carrying that wisdom as reward for the risk you courageously took. 


I encourage students to push their limits during their lessons - then embrace the process to Know Yourself which is to train well. You can tell for yourself how much you are advancing toward your goals because you feel differently about the experience you’re having. Ultimately, you discover talents - strengths and abilities - you didn’t know you had. You will heed your own best intuition.

Only when the time is right to integrate more traditional and formal approaches for your personal music lessons and vocal training, it won’t feel scary or limiting - presence leads to anticipation, not anxiety. Besides, I have decades of experience in Royal Conservatory classical training and teaching certification for piano and music theory and microphone vocal performance.


If music or singing is a path and purpose you choose, I’ve got you covered…whether you want to do singer-songwriting, composing, arranging or you just want to play the piano for yourself, or in a group with likeminded others.  It is my pure love and joy to help you make the music you want to create, your way, with individualized music lessons and vocal training.

WHAT students SAY


Working with Anjali, my goal was to learn to play the piano enough to accompany my cello students. I picked a simple Mozart piece and she picked one MUCH more advanced. In under 2 years, I performed it from memory. Only then she told me it was college level.


I had never had a single formal lesson and was trying to learn on my own from youtube. I didn't want the kind of pressure that came from traditional teachers or systems because I just wanted to enjoy what I was learning. When I graduated high school, Anjali had taught me enough that I got into music college. I loved every moment of learning.


Doctors told me I had an autoimmune condition that would harden my lungs. When I had trouble breathing, tests showed reduction in pulmonary performance. The dr. said it was irreversible. Anjali recommended vocal training as a pathway for self-healing. I always wanted to sing. When I returned the following year for retest, my lung function had come back to normal. Even the dr. couldn't believe it. 

Joy comes in singing beautiful poetry and the feeling the active, healing vibration around and within our body that fills the voids, nooks and crannies of emptiness with aliveness. Spiritual growth is a joyful practice. So is music. You learn to practice well first for yourself and your Higher Being. In this way, we let so many old ideas go for the sake of joy first. Music lessons and vocal training at Quintessence Studio is about feeling yourself, getting to know yourself first, then embracing music and singing as cleansing, fortifying and revealing. In essence, our own voice and musical action becomes our teacher, and we are students at the feet of our own Higher Being as we get to know ourselves and the tools we have for Outer Expression.

Spiritual growth through music lessons and vocal training reveals a path filled with personal power. Messages of Higher Self Wisdom come through in our song’s poignant inflections and through our instrument’s tone, just as a painter’s outer expression is revealed through his choice of color and energy of brushstrokes - from the depths of free association, from your soul remembrance.


Get so wrapped up in the feeling of your vibration rising, and notice the genius of your creations.

If you want music to be the creative force of your Spiritual Growth path, then let's begin the journey together.

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