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Episode 14 Meet The Garcia Family - Forget Sighting, Let's talk Encounter


And they haven't been back camping since. They sold their camper following their Quintessential Experience in the Rocky Mountain woodlands of Colorado. Four years later, they muster the courage to tell their harrowing tale of one of our world's most rare experiences to the wider world. No distant blurry image of something moving through the trees... In this edge-of-your-seat season finale episode, find out what they encountered.

Then find out what we discovered through real time "return to the moment" anomalous investigation and Akashic record reading with the Garcia Family. Consider our minds blown and our understanding of our world rocked. Rare doesn't begin to describe it.

Quintessential Experiences


Extraordinary Stories
Weird & Wonderful
Life's Miracles Mystery & Magic 

Catch the preview of the Quintessence Studio video blog talk show that welcomes you and your extraordinary experiences - weird and wonderful, we feature your stories  of the unexplained and work our hardest to get you more answers. Meet your hosts Anjali (Master Akashic Practitioner), Marion (internationally renowned spirit communicator /medium) and Mark (global anomalous investigator).


Get a glimpse of upcoming episodes featuring real folks, true stories, and get excited to learn how lives are transformed for the better, via each guest.  This show is about YOU for YOU - whether you're questioning reality in these crazy times, on a radical growth path to self-discovery or you happened to bear witness to something so're not even sure who to tell.


This show is for you if you are looking for meaning, inspiration or change. We are not interested in debunking your experience, but rather to help you find and create meaning toward deeper understanding of your life's miracles, mysteries and magic. Are you ready to grow Beyond the Mind Barrier?

In this first episode, join Anjali (Master Akashic Practitioner), Marion (spirit medium communicator) and Mark (anomalous investigator) to find out more and see if you've had a Quintessential Experience. Hear about ours and how this show even came together by no basic coincidence. Get a glimpse of upcoming episodes that feature interviews with real people, just like us, just like you. Most of all, get to know us, your hosts who help dive deeper into understanding and meaning and provide you with information and insights from a Higher View.


Your experience might be metaphysical, paranormal, divine/angelic intervention, synchronicity, NDE, PreDE, communication or messages from another being, another dimension, time shift or time slip, quantum shift, otherworldly…if it’s weird or wondrous, we want to hear it. Submit Your Story to You could be a featured guest on the show where the details of your experience are addressed from an Akashic, spirit-channeled and investigative approach, all to get a Higher View. You never know what's going to come through during the interview.

Episode 2 Meet Jodi - Spirit Lives On


Akashic work is based on the fact that our universe is aware and all consciousness is continuing and connected. Meet Jodi who tells us her stories of receiving after death messages from her mother, plus her family lineage evidence of precognition and out of body experiences and more. Find out how this has affected her, in how she views herself and her spiritual gifts. Learn how she integrates Quintessential Experiences amidst the structure of a religious upbringing.  During her interview, a beloved member of her family comes through with an important message for Jodi regarding a major Akashic test.

Episode 3 Meet Merry - The Moment We Remember

Two radically different volumes make up her life, Merry tells us about how she had to face death square on before heeding her calling following an otherwise ordinary upbringing. She calls her brink of death experience a remembering. Find out how her previous experience in the floral industry became her doorway to the mystical, and a whole new way, lifestyle and vocation that she created for herself.


People who feel they don't have a creative bone in their body are inspired by her, benefited by her work and teaching. She was once that same "someone". Now, Merry is now a world class practitioner, teacher and healer in fields such as energy healing, soma-tarot and spiritual pathworking - and she didn't learn it from a book, or anyone else for that matter. People always want to know how someone can just  become their highest version of themselves, reach their potential and manifest a brand new life for themselves. How do you become someone so different? Bookmark this episode. Merry tells you how she became who she always was…her extraordinary self.

Episode 4 Meet Dan - Past Life Purpose & Protection


We all have a spiritual support team that includes our spirit guides, supervisory angels, masters, teachers and helpers in higher dimensional realms. Some folks know them as guardian angels, others are certain it's a family member who has crossed over.


Ask Dan and he'll tell you without a doubt he's been watched over and protected his whole life. At some level he always knew it, he just never understood why. He tells us his stories of more than a couple of crucial times when, in principle, he could have and probably should have checked out, but something or someone higher had a different plan for him -  some interesting signals came through to him.


Dan is the quintessential example of how a longstanding Akashic lesson can transcend time and space and affect our state of being and surrounding conditions, and usually beyond our conscious awareness. He talks about a past life regression from years ago that could hold the clues as to why he is still here - and why he now helps others in just his perfect way. He helps us see how consciousness is continuing and connected in all dimensions, via myriad pathways.

Episode 5 Meet Leia - Karmic Obstacles Point the Way


Almost everyone would agree that any obstacle we face in life is a pain in the neck. But what if a series of them are major, ongoing and of the same nature, like a tiresome message you keep receiving that you can't decode? Is it all a test to see if we can survive the confusion of the karma we ultimately are responsible for?  Meet Leia, a former teacher and education consultant, who tells us of her inherited DNA/family lineage karma and how she has been tested, over and over again, when it comes to finding her place in this world - until she had her Quintessential Experience. See how she brought her lifelong dream of running a B & B into manifestation and learn what the secret is to moving through a life of obstacles with inner power and grace. It's not what you think!

Episode 6 Meet Stephen - Pathways to Higher Being Part 1


Part 1 Meet Stephen, a PhD physicist, who shares with us how taking up yoga led to the first steps of his transformation back to his quintessential nature: a spiritual being having a human experience. He talks about the time he chose to dive into the unsubstantiated reality of the unseen, unmeasured and unknown with a humorous experiment of his own. We learn how his intuitive development through yoga has awakened the very PSI powers that otherwise conflict with a career and training in hard science. Find out what he believes now, having had his own Quintessential Experiences.

Episode 7 Meet Sabina - Pathways to Higher Being Part 2


Please note, this episode isn't for everyone as Sabina clarified directly for us - she knew she was taking an enormous risk to try an alternative healing pathway following tremendous research for the right Shamanic healer under the correct conditions. This pathway is only for those whom "mother earth" chooses.


Imagine longstanding trauma and grief buried so deep, if feels like nothing you do can alleviate it. In this episode, we meet a young woman who survived the war-siege of Sarajevo by escaping and leaving her family behind. Living with the grief of losing her husband, alone in USA, Sabina researched every avenue of higher healing and courageously chose to try Shamanic healing through ayahuasca. She recounts her three powerful sessions and vividly describes what came through, the trials of the experiences, what really needed to heal inside her and how she has changed as a result.

Episode 8 Meet Marlene - Pathways to Higher Being Part 3


This episode is for everyone. A stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis did not force Marlene onto any prescribed pathway of what we consider standard earth-based healing or oncology. Her miraculous story begins with her intuitive choice to engage in what she calls "a creative dance with death" as she approached the very brink and rose beyond it. It was clear to her higher self that her unique dance would involve a delicate balancing act to harmonize alternative therapies and traditional oncological medicine - blended with art and poetry that has become the permanent manifestation of her healing in real time.


In a pre-death Quintessential Experience, Marlene explains the crucial message she received from spirit that established her daily approach and set her upon the path of first learning how to live well before one can learn to die well. How to rise above is something all of us need to know amidst any life situation, health condition or limiting belief set.

Episode 9 Meet Rebecca -  Moment of Opportunity for Spiritual Reconnection


Getting on your spiritual alignment path begins with one choice. Rebecca recommends taking the opportunity the first moment it shows up. A self-professed "previous control freak", she now actively lives from higher self, in constant communication with and in receipt of support from the Higher Realm. She has integrated Theta Healing, Soul Tree Akashic Healing and energy work avenues with her career as a speech language pathologist and educator.


She knows she is "different" than her family members and she's ok with that. In this episode, Rebecca pinpoints her Quintessential Experience as a strange, unexpected opportunity to do something she would normally never have done, having been mired in years of worsening illness that had been difficult to diagnose.  Her choice at her lowest point of well-being changed everything. Find out what it was, and observe how miraculous and magical her life is today, she is using all her gifts, including specific message channeling, to help others heal.

Episode 10 Meet Ian - Life's Miracles, Mysteries and Magic


Grab your cuppa and join us for a round of rollicking stories of the paranormal unexplained. Anjali interviews Marion's husband Ian, a self-confirmed skeptic who has had all manner of "ghostly" experiences and sightings. As a professional photographer who has captured evidence of what he has perceived, what Marion can see, he regales us with stories of how they met, what his life was like before having an internationally renowned medium who lives in the company of spirit full time, everyday...and what it's like now.  Something rubbed off and he explains how he has changed - his fascinating true stories prove that, for him, every moment is a Quintessential Experience nowadays. Lighthearted and entertaining, this episode opens us up to paranormal, metaphysical, weird and wonderful mysteries we still can't easily explain but would love to figure out!

Episode 11 Meet Jennifer - The Miracle of a Twin Flame / Soul Twin Relationship


Yes, it is possible for some souls to have a dual incarnation in the same time-space here on earth. Jennifer is one such soul and she didn't even know there was a male incarnation of her soul walking around at the same time as she lived her life in Georgia USA. Until she was told she would meet him. From an Akashic perspective, it's not common for multi-incarnations to cross paths in life, but here's a poignant story of how and when it happened. 

Jennifer's story clearly helps us understand that spiritually romanticized ideals of "soul mates" not what this experience is necessarily about. At all. Divine Order has specificity, purpose and reason for the highest good for all concerned and it's rarely what we think it is, or want it to be. Multi-incarnations (soul twins) are rare, even without them crossing paths, and there's a has to do with providing a shake-up, major shift, or getting a specific job for the good of humanity to be completed. Accelerated experience and learning of the soul is a given, and it's not easy or necessarily joyful. Jennifer explains how you have to create the roses and rainbows if you really want them, and it's not always destined. Get ready for an intense roller coaster ride of mystical joy, heartbreak and transformation.

Episode 12 Meet Lauren - Is it just me??


Get to know Lauren - a hypnotherapist, an NLP specialist, energy healer and a barber in California. She brings much needed humor with her observations & questions about human relationship, awakening and connection in these turbulent modern times of social media and during a pandemic. Meet a like-minded friend, if you also happen to feel like you might not be from "around here" either. This interview takes place in two sessions and the most surprising Akashic revelations come through the reading portion when Lauren tells us about her Quintessential Experience of meeting a strange old man during her travels. He affected her so profoundly, she still is wondering about it. Watch Lauren receive surprising Akashic information about herself, the old man, and about that experience, which she did not expect.

Through honest and humbling discussions (and some hilarity) about why any of us is really here, we open up to the fact that there is something greater going on, with no term better for it than "otherworldly". Lauren explains how each of us is facing a new understanding of ourselves.

Episode 13 Meet Lesley - Acknowledging Our Gifts Through Intuitive Development

Lesley never questioned as a child that living in harmony with spirit was our natural way to be. It never dawned on her that she was different from anyone else. Choosing a formalized approach to better understand and experience her own nature ended up being the right thing to do.  She admits her greatest surprises are when she finds out she's correct!  In this episode, more surprises  are in store, she finds herself on the hot seat when asked for a spontaneous reading from the other side, during the interview.! Together with Ann, her friend who crossed over almost 2 years ago, we go deep into how to tune into what is "true". While there are specific differences in how each of us engages with spirit, Ann explains from the other shore that there is one particular pathway  in common that spirit uses to come through us all. Find out what it is and be open that you have these gifts too. Lesley helps us understand, through her own learning, that truth has to emerge in a loving way without interference to be real and make the difference.  

Episode 14 Meet The Garcia Family - Forget Sighting, Let's talk Encounter


And they haven't been back camping since. They sold their camper following their Quintessential Experience in the Rocky Mountain woodlands of Colorado. Four years later, they muster the courage to tell their harrowing tale of one of our world's most rare experiences to the wider world. No distant blurry image of something moving through the trees... In this edge-of-your-seat season finale episode, find out what they encountered.

Then find out what we discovered through real time "return to the moment" anomalous investigation and Akashic record reading with the Garcia Family. Consider our minds blown and our understanding of our world rocked. Rare doesn't begin to describe it.