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I'm Anjali B. Arnold, the creative force behind Quintessence Studio, founder of Soul Tree Akashic Healing with NeuroSound (TM)  audio and   

Creative Explorations, and author of the novel Turning Points (2007).


I'm an Akashic records reader and creative growth practitioner who helps anyone break free from their own self-imposed limitations. My healing work, music and writing are the results of my personal journey toward wellness.


I am registered with the International Natural Healers Association, ASCAP, and my novel is in the Library of Congress. I've studied with the world's best in the mind-body healing field and received advanced honors degrees in physics and mathematics, music and education.

Turning Points (2007), is a fiction novel about a late-start someone who hid her reality locked by grief, yet found a way to break free from fearful, trauma-based self-imposed limitations, in her own meaningful way. This book is about finding inner freedom via a different kind of self-realization, in recognizing your own gifts and inner truths and giving them outer expression.


This poignant self-help fiction has assisted so many readers around the world to find their way through stuckness and sadness, to learn how to hope and dream again, to cultivate and design a new life for themselves.


Turning Points tells a very real story of the tangle of life’s closest friends and relatives in a maritime setting - my home city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. For myriad reasons, each one is nearing the end of their own rope.


As our main character comes to learn, true wellness can be daunting when you’ve become accustomed to suffering inside. But faking your way through an ever shrinking sphere of life and going through the same old motions to ensure safety doesn’t cut it anymore. 


Kelly attempts a new path and purpose to unlock creativity by taking a brazen cue from an indomitable key figure in her life. Tough shoes to fill, she finds it takes courageous work to take initiative and overcome your fears and false beliefs. Especially when she encounters hard truths she did not expect.


She needs to get the right kind of tempting glimpse of inner freedom to start her on her journey of radical change, before she can rely on, for the first time, her own inner authority


See how an otherwise ordinary person takes a risk on her deep personal vision and lets her imagination fly through free-form poetry that imagic-ally helps her unlock creativity and uncover what’s been holding her back. With the help of her counsellor, and a new friend who brings a completely different approach to life, she confronts her next set of Turning Points that alter not just the course of her life, but radically widens her perspective revealing the extraordinary.

Beyond the Mind Barrier

The duties and demands of the everyday world squash our Higher Being if we don't listen to what our subconscious is asking us to heed of own Soul Nature.


We need to listen and receive with welcoming embrace, compassion, and most of all, without judgment.


Let your soul express itself if you want holistic wellness. The myriad opportunities for fun, joyful pathways of unplanned, introspective creative expression are available to you at Quintessence Studio.


Soul Tree uses Creative Explorations such as art, music, and embodied movement/dance to connect to our Higher Being and begin to understand the true essence of our indomitable spirit as human beings.


In other words, wellness, both physically and emotionally, is a creative, active endeavor worth pursuing.


We can't simply wait for our Soul Nature to break through — we must invite it out to experience Wellness, at all levels from body to Higher Being, in harmony.

Outer Expression is the best way to break free from self-imposed limitations - challenging yourself to trust and follow your intuition in the right environment for the right reasons.

Fear cannot be deleted; you learn to overcome, at root level, with a foundational understanding of spiritual safety. Inner Freedom, to be attained, must be brought to the surface and given life through action.


Often, Soul Tree Akashic Healing is required first so that trapped vital force energy can be liberated and set free, then harnessed and channeled for Soul Tree Outer Expression.


Our Higher Being wants to live through our actions, and the soul expresses itself best through music, art, and all forms of communication that make us feel witnessed, heard, validated and complete.


You actively reinforce Soul Tree Akashic Healing work through authentic outer expression. You reveal what needs to be set free  through Creative Explorations.

When we consciously choose a response to any crisis or challenge with presence, instead of reacting emotionally to triggers of programmed fear, we acknowledge our Higher Being. 


Response means not repressing your truth, but letting yourself be witnessed. It means owning your truth. Think of Wellness as sharing your gift without fear.

As Dr. Chopra teaches in Quantum Healing, by acknowledging and releasing old, trapped feelings and emotions, known as phantom memories, we can enter into Wellness.


Through creative pursuits, we can access trauma and suppressed emotions and release them to find our inner truth and release all that we are not. By holding on to trapped energies, we invite dis-ease. 

A response from your Higher Self Wisdom at any of life's Turning Points means being present. Change feels expansive and liberating whereas resistance and reaction is contracting and locks you in the same state of being. The Dalai Lama reminds us that every situation, every other person is our teacher, a gift. 


Wellness is allowing Higher Being as our master, then intuition 

becomes the tool of our craft. Whatever we are, in this world, is the example we set. Anyone could derive value and meaning in their  own Turning Points.

Rely on your Higher Being as strong enough and wise enough to bring you to a place of wellness, a place of peace that is perfect for you.


It's essential to align to our soul nature, heed our calling, and be in ongoing connection to Higher Being to experience and sustain true wellness. It is the hallmark of higher vibration. Only then can we engage effectively in a chaotic world. And you will be able to handle anything life throws at you...because you are stronger than it, already. 


I want to help you overcome your fears and challenges surrounding your own sense of safety, re: blocked personal expression, feeling lost in society's judgment, comparison, rejection, and criticism. Let me assist you in your search to discover a new path to Wellness through Outer Expression of your un-duplicated Soul Nature.


I invite you to join the Quintessence Studio community, and let's work together on the path to Wellness. Open a conversation with your Higher Being and see what it means to become an artist of life. Experience your Turning Points to a joyful, meaningful life Path and Purpose, and subscribe today.

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