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Mystery of Akasha

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The Fifth Element, Quintessence, gives rise to thefour basic elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The five elements as named by Vedics earlier than 5000 BCE are Akasa, Pritivi, Vata, Ap and Agni.


Akasha is the underlying ethereal secret essence of the formative  elements themselves - the unity of the three philosophic principles, Body, Soul and Spirit. It is the basis of the entire cosmos, the plenum that appears as empty "space". All things of our universe vibrate and harmonize their form as these three dimensions of being.


Quintessence is Akasha: it is the substratum which allows vibration and holds all vibratory forms.  It is the structure or matrix of the divinity of the myriad ten thousand, the secret fire of ancient alchemy, the space, sky and knowledge that is cosmic consciousness.

Alchemists know Quinta Essencia as existing foundationally within the other four classical elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), and is symbolized in 2D by the pentagram, which perfectly divides the microcosmic circle. 


The Platonic Solid that relates to Quintessence and Akasha is the dodecahedron, a regular twelve-sided figure whose faces are made up of perfect pentagons. This 

symbol represents the individual of the universe that contains the whole universe in itself.

Earth-Pritivi is represented by the cube, Fire-Agni by the tetrahedron, Water-Ap by the Icosahedron and Air-Vata by the octahedron. 

Elemental combination and scaling of Platonic Solids fill all space-Akasa.

All vibratory things of our universe are built to unique structure and balance with the four manifest elements, and are held in existence throughout the substratum that allows vibration to take place.


Alchemically, each elements holds two qualities which blend with the other elements, giving dynamism for transformation, allowing the universal law of change. Earth is cold and dry; Water is cold and moist; Air is hot and moist and Fire is hot and dry.   


In this way, Akasha imbues inherent nature (matter-spirit), called the Swabhava by Vedics, to each thing. Inherent nature is soul-like, highly distilled and incorruptible and is unique to each manifest form. Quintessence holds this individuality basis of what we are spiritually, as soul, throughout the extent of our permanent existence and temporal manifestation.

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Swami Vivekananda - Raja Yoga

"Akasha is the omnipresent, all penetrating existence. Everything that has form, the result of combination evolved out of Akasha.


Akasha becomes the air, liquids, solids; it is Akasha that becomes the sun, earth, moon, stars and comets;

It is Akasha that becomes the human body, animal body, plants, every form that we see, that can be sensed, everything that exists...

At the beginning of creation there is only Akasha. At the end of the cycle, the solids, liquids and gases melt into Akasha again, and the next creation similarly proceeds again out of the Akasha."

Therefore, Akasha is the informing quantum field of causation, alive, growing and transforming as continuing and connected consciousness of ALL.

Vedic Rishis from 2000 BCE seemed to already know what modern science understands of the quantum nature of the A Field, an ocean of active, uncollapsed (unsolved) equations of creative potential.

The Lankavatara Sutra of the Vedas speaks of our unified dynamic and connected spiritual self-awareness as stemming from the causal dimension of Akasha - the layer of being that holds the soul or atman.


Reason and intellect and their shaping from experiential action-based cause and effect (karma), together form our EGO as human beings, which is the growth, development and "description" of the individuated self as Self.


These are Akashic-imprinted aspects of the eternal beingness of our soul, and is different from the western psychological concept of ego.

Identifying the atman of this present life is how and why Akasha as a medium may be intuited vibrationally, as "connecting to a specific record" in order to retrieve information about an individual. 


Because Akasha is the in-formed universe that is also us. Each form at the quantum level is unique, nothing is duplicated - all experience is imprinted back into the field. This is how the in-formed medium of Akasha is cosmic consciousness.

When our being vibrates its intention through action, we interact with the in-formed medium throughout and within us. The individual soul is part of the world soul.


Think of every action and decision as a solution to a quantum equation that previously had infinite number of solutions.


Specifically, it is holographic in the sense that the smallest vibratory element or particle contains the conscious in-formation of itself as well as the whole.

Quintessence Studio Soul Tree Akashic Healing is based on ancient Rig Veda teachings and Advaita Vedanta.


Merged pragmatically into the modality is modern scientific research of consciousness via integral theory, quantum physics, neuroscience, and psychoacoustics. 


Soul Tree Akashic records reading incorporates time-tested protocols from world lineages such as Mayan and Shamanic and other metaphysical works of humanity.

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