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NeuroSound is Soul Tree Akashic Healing made audible. A compendium of specific complex audio programs designed by Akasha, adding the right NeuroSound to your Soul Tree Akashic Healing program means further clearing reinforcement for faster, fuller healing and transmutation down to the physical cellular level. Every emotion has its own vibration. Every trauma has its healing when chaos is brought back into order. It comes down to frequency of vibration and the Akashic Law of Affinity - the brain picks out and responds to what it recognizes at its own. Learn more here.


NeuroSound(TM) is powerful form of state-of-consciousness healing. It doesn’t just improve your sleep or change how you feel, it gets down into your body programming, where your behavior and how your external environment responds to you resides, it is best for embedded trauma, and intractable blocks and resistance from unconscious/dissociative memory stuck at the physical level. Like Akashic Healing, NeuroSound(TM) bypasses the conscious mind and allows the whole you to process what needs healing gently at the superconscious and subconscious levels, then release it. The benefits are cumulative over time, and is always pain-, trauma- and trigger-free.

Based solidly on physics, psychoacoustics, neuroscience, Quintessence Music Studio (Q Music Studio) has designed and built proprietary meditative, non-verbal soundscapes specifically to support Akashic Healing. Recorded in-house and woven beautifully with the primeval sounds of our solar system and earth home, the soul associates these natural sounds with inherent safety at all three levels of our triune brain: instinctive, evolutionary and creative. All neurotransmitter information flows unimpeded, biochemically, to our cells via our bloodstream.


All NeuroSound (TM) audio programs are Akashic in foundation, and are designed on five-element spiritual alchemy, the four classical elements earth, fire, water and air...and quintessence. Alchemical transmutation for multi-dimensional influence is how all three levels of our being, physical, energetic and spiritual, receive simultaneous healing. The brain's receptivity to specific frequencies and the five alchemical elements in the right order at the right time built in, NeuroSound (TM) aligns you back to the original, harmonious you. Sound promotes alchemical transmutation to bring balanced,  synchronized reorganization from body-level to your expanded Higher Being. Holistic, timeless and modern sound healing methods that are the foundations of NeuroSound gently and powerfully dismantle and redirect the energy liberated from blocks and resistance to assist you in living your best life.

Beyond the Mind Barrier

Because Akasha is the reason we have sound, we use sound in Soul Tree as a vehicle for Akashic healing of energetic wounds and to loosen and release burdens down to cellular level.


Sound has healing qualities just as the primordial resources of water, color, and light. Akashic healing sound waves interact with our brains and open new neural pathways that affect us subconsciously and on a conscious level, as well as reach our superconscious.


Sound healing can literally alter our state of being, an alchemical transmutation. NeuroSound is like a gentle but powerful fine jewelry ultrasonic cleaner that removes the guck and grime stuck in your energetic and physical systems that you feel as blocks and resistance.

NeuroSound enhances your awareness and raising your vibration.

Up to the minute research in neuroscience, cell membranes  and psychoacoustics shows how sound helps our central nervous system, literally changing how we feel. This means the subconscious state of being where stuck patterns are held are influenced beneficially.


Neurological fMRI video is the brain response to sound healing made visible. The human brain’s default mode network, which normally is in a low-vibration, busy, contracted, rumination mode, shifts to slow down toward expansion, peace and calm.


fMRI studies depict in real-time how the brain responds in tune with specific frequency sound waves to bring balance to quadrants of our brain associated to inner-outer spatial and past-future temporal worlds.


Sound waves interacting with our brains is the impulse for the creation of new neural pathways. Sound changes your state of consciousness starting in your brain. Sound acts as a re-organizing agent for our spiritual, energetic and physical systems.

NeuroSound clients experience a remarkable change in themselves:

profound peace of pure presence, a sense of awakening, deeper restorative sleep, and even an expanded sense of self that includes the dissolution of the barriers to the perception of separation and time.


Try NeuroSound (TM) sound healing to experience the benefits of inner balance and equanimity, and witness the genius of your Higher Self Wisdom coming through regularly as heightened intuition, a reduction of irrational fear,  and an enthusiastic, peaceful passion for life.

The secret is in raising your vibration. When you choose to rise above and leave behind the clamoring, say-so world we live in, you disconnect from the collective unconscious, and re-connect instead to your Higher Being. Begin to Live Your Inspiration from a Higher View beyond fear and perceived limitations:



Open yourself to a wider array of choices


Realize your gifts you thought were flaws

Discover unexpected innate talents

Access answers already within you

Create higher dimension solutions

Reconnect & Live from Divine Power

Make decisions with certainty & clarity




Each individual soul vibrates at its own unique frequency and NeuroSound takes this into account. In this way each of us is more specific than general. 


Dr. Mitchell Gaynor is a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center. He says we live the "rhythms and harmonics" of our soul. That we, in fact, create a sort of "celestial music." And that we can "live extraordinary lives filled with peace, passion, health, and a sense of unity with the universe." His life's work proves the benefits of "sound, voice, and music" as tools to restore the inner balance between the body and soul.

NeuroSound is an enlightened pathway to improved health and wellness. Did you know that as much as 85 percent of illness comes from emotional distress? New research proves that pain is emotional, and that our patterns of thoughts, words, and actions influence our emotions, which affect our cells, DNA, and our immune system. That's why Neurosound not only can unlock creativity, but it can also restore wellness and improve vitality. To regulate emotions and actively engage in emotional processing, at a conscious level we need to express our intention, words, and deeds explicitly in alignment with our spiritual nature along our journey. When you succeed in emotional processing, you consciously make meaning. This is key for a healthy life because these are two sides of the same coin that forms the basis of all the work done at Quintessence Studio Akashic Center.

Research studies in fields of psychology, medicine and spirituality have produced irrefutable results indicating the therapeutic health benefits of music, whether through listening, playing an instrument or through body movement.


The music of NeuroSound is carefully composed to bypass the conscious thinking mind – its non-jarring, atmospheric flow provides nothing for the ego to attach to or “get hooked”. Instead, it invites the mind to stop the spinning and enter into a state of presence, which lowers blood pressure, regulates heart and respiratory rates and boosts our natural opiates and endorphins for a stronger immune system and self-awareness.

WHAT clients SAY


The results from the Akashic Healing with NeuroSound have lasted and I'm a changed person. I sleep through the night and feel more alive during the day, my clients have noticed! Thank you!


I felt like I was meditating more deeply than ever before...I think I went somewhere, like I had an out of body experience that was very relaxing. My resistance to change has vanished.

N. L.

I never slept so well in my life! Now I sleep throughout the night without waking up and I feel more energized and alert during the day. No more sleep paralysis fear and I have clarity.

Before you begin using NeuroSound, the initial work at Quintessence Studio involves healing and clearing Akashic burdens to release and alchemically transmute trapped vital life force energy at physical, energetic, and spiritual realms simultaneously. This is the first step to reconnect to Higher Being and your divine nature. All the information of crucial unconscious memories, pitfalls, and the nature of repeating patterns and cycles in our lives that Soul Tree Akashic Healing pinpoints, NeuroSound gently dismantles and removes energetic blockages at cellular level to give you Inner Freedom - this new flow Unlocks your

Creativity and allows Outer Expression. It puts you back in touch with your Higher Being.

If you wish to integrate Neurosound as part of a Soul Tree Akashic Healing program, you'll feel the benefits cumulatively with use over time, you can even continue to enjoy it after your Akashic Healing program is concluded. 


Take a non-invasive, enjoyable, mind-body-spirit approach to wellness. Enhance your life on a sound path and purpose that brings Inner Freedom. Inquire about adding NeuroSound as part of your Soul Tree Akashic Healing Program.

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