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Akashic  Readings

Soul Tree Akashic Healing |  Readings  |  NeuroSound  |  Creative Explorations

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$107  Inner ABCD

Mini Akashic Reading

Inner Authority | Inner Balance

Inner Clarity    | Inner Direction

determine what's blocking you

 receive energetic healing

gain next step insight

act on path & purpose

Inner ABCD Reading

Crystal Ball
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$107  Know Yourself 

Mini Akashic Reading

How well do you know yourself - at soul level? This reading identifies 12 main aspects about your spiritual foundations, leading you to your divine path and purpose, including your pitfalls and your inherent gifts

Know Yourself Reading

Higher Self Wisdom

$107 Higher Wisdom

Book a session so you can get Access to the Answers

Already Within You

Bring your toughest questions

Communicate with your soul directly to Q&A and

receive wisdom from your Higher Being

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Higher View Wisdom Reading

Soul Nature

$247 Soul Nature

Intro Soul Tree Akashic Reading reveals who you truly are beneath all the veils of self-image perception. Bypass  your thinking mind and use your inherent gifts and traits hiding beneath the obstacles, resistance and confusion you can't get past

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Soul Nature Reading

Past Life Reading

$447 Past Life & Purpose

This is the Akashic reading you've heard about and always wanted - but this one comes with Akashic Healing. Everything bugging you today will suddenly make sense. Understand your main Akashic lesson without regression trauma, heal naturally and gently as the grip of the past releases. Focus your shift to your path and purpose.

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Past Life & Purpose Reading

Path and Purpose

$197 Path and Purpose

This 50 min Akashic discovery session assists you in tackling a particularly challenging present life situation and helps answer, "what is my next best step" toward your intended outcome. Whether it is about career, relationship, or dealing with grief, or any other troubling circumstance, the answers within you keep you on your highest best path.

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Path and Purpose Session

Soul Tree Akashic Healing

$827 Soul Tree Akashic

This full reading identifies root causes of soul burdens and initiates the clearing process from spiritual to energetic and physical levels. Healing down to cellular level brings lasting change to your life and world. Transmute trapped vital force to inner freedom for outer expression. Know yourself at such a new deep level that finally you can live your inspiration. Includes report, 21 day transmutation follow-up.

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Soul Tree Full Akashic Healing


$127 NeuroSound

Reinforce and speed up Soul Tree Akashic Healing for lasting change at physical level that only comes from alchemical transmutation. Based on neuroscience and psychoacoustic research, follow-ups on cumulative benefits over time cover the duration of your NeuroSound program. Available only at Quintessence Studio.

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NeuroSound Add-on


$147 Creative Exploration

Experience your soul's outer expression as spirit is designed to express through you...with color, sound, movement and more. Feel Heal and Reveal your own inner truth with neuroscience based processes that help you reclaim your inner authority. Have fun exploring as a standalone program or while reinforcing Akashic Healing at cellular level.

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Creative Exploration

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