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A.B Arnold has written a stirring and heartfelt story about hope and moving forward. Turning Points is for anyone who has loved and lost, and for those who have found themselves overwhelmed by tragedy.  N. Lewis

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"So down to earth, it's unforgettable"

"Stirring and heartfelt"


Get a personally autographed copy of A.B. Arnold's  novel that has positively impacted readers all around the world from all walks of life from age 11 to 85. Before the genre of Fiction Self-Help existed, this novel filled a need for readers seeking to rise out of their creative rut and break free from self-imposed limitations - in their own unique way.  Limited while lasts...   Shipping not included.                                                                                                                       $25.00

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"I began writing Turning Points in 2002 when the first several chapters came flowing out, the characters showed up fully formed and ready to have me tell their story. Much to my shock, I discovered in Chapter 2 that my main character, Kelly, was an aspiring poet. I had never written a lick of poetry in my life. I was this close, then and there, to putting the kybosh on the whole thing.





I'm glad I didn't....thanks to this entirely surprising experience, being given the gift of going through the creative growth process of Kelly, my own song lyrics emerged naturally from her poetry...and this actually changed the course of her life (fictionally). Now, a decade later, I am an active singer-songwriter, ever growing and expanding my work in composing, arranging, producing and performing music. Taking the scary risk to write a novel uncovered my true passion for creating music. My life has been forever altered, for the better."   

                                                                                                    - A.B. Arnold


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I loved “Turning Points”!  I couldn't put the book down, and stayed up until 2 a.m. reading it!  The story was very real as the characters evolved and revealed themselves in a very natural manner. The ending was positive and upbeat, but not saccharine.  I appreciated that their growth took time, just as in real life, and you could feel the patience required for their healing.  Thank you for sharing your creation with me!

                                                 J. Wilson, Colorado

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‘No one can know where I am.’

That is what I said to myself when I first awakened in that place. I was young and needed to escape my past. Since that day, more than five decades have passed. Before it’s too late, I write of the second chance to live that I found there, under one condition: I must remain in hiding. I took it. But I prayed that one day I no longer would have to hide.

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