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To design your life in alignment with your highest path and purpose, it is essential to Know Yourself before you can Live Your Inspiration. If you're seeking Intuitive Development or Akashic Practitioner Training, then take a look at all that Quintessence Studio Akashic Center has to offer. Akashic Mystery Mastery School offers beginner to advanced levels of systematic protocol based Akashic training for a new vocation or Life Enhancement.


We have 'work at your own pace' programs for your own Intuitive Development and training that you can learn in a carefully guided format, either locally or long distance.  All training at Quintessence Studio is for Clear Confident Connection to your Creativity.

Quintessence Studio offers Mystery to Mastery training, through multimedia, module-based courses that cover a variety of topics essential for Life Enhancement: healing through aligned intention, feeling inner freedom, and revealing outer expression. All courses include intuitive development and spiritual growth to help you connect specifically and intentionally with your Higher Being and Higher Realms, as you learn how to activate inner authority toward life actualization. These courses focus on self-knowledge and personal integrity training, methods to channel your inner truth, modalities of energy healing, and more.


Quintessence Studio one-on-one Path and Purpose Guidance Sessions  offer individualized, multi-modal approach for self-exploration toward action and outer expression of your soul nature gifts. This includes intuitive development. Access the answers already within you and express your creative nature. These sessions come in blocks of four and are specifically for your unique intuitive development, to help you on your unique growth path to discover and confidently apply your spiritual gifts to help others and this world. This is not training to one generalized field like reading cards. It’s for discovering how you radiate your divine connection out to the world. If you find yourself stuck at a crossroads unsure of how to proceed, these sessions are for you.

Soul Tree Training, Apprenticeship, and Certification program provides formal, systematic protocol-based studies in the modalities of Soul Tree Akashic Healing. To become a successful Akashic practitioner, you must apply at the Akashic Center and qualify to begin your studies as not everyone is suited or ready to do this training.


After you receive your attunement, you'll begin your Level 1 studies with the Soul Tree book A Most Curious Device. Learning how to use a pendulum for accuracy and certainty, you will learn through experience how the thinking mind is bypassed, how to sustain connection to the Akashic and higher realms, and report and communicate accurate findings with clarity.


There are three training levels that feature multimedia teaching modules that are action-based. Level 1 consists of twelve modules that include Akashic Reading Training, practitioner intuitive development, multi-dimensional healing and clearing. 


Soul Tree Akashic Healing is reinforced with sound healing, inner alchemy, and creative action facilitation. Advanced Akashic reading and healing methods combined with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations forms part of Level 2  twelve module training.


Level 3 Soul Tree training offers experiential workshops on intention-based Life Enhancement that open the doors to advanced spiritual communication for healing, transition or transformation, methods for upholding Inner Freedom and continued Outer Expression in challenging situations (trauma/stuckness) for ongoing client care and guidance. All workshops are designed to include an adjacent specialty. 


Experiencing for yourself, as a practitioner, how to take new creative actions for Life Enhancement, to ascertain lasting change from Akashic healing, is crucial to understanding this work and is required for becoming a Master Practitioner. Practicum, Internship and Apprenticeship at all levels involves a supervision when you begin working with practice clients. Advanced Soul Tree Akashic Training (levels 2 and 3) allows for integration of other healing modalities with your training and business best practices. Each level of completed practicum receives certification.  Completion of all three levels are required to become a certified Soul Tree Akashic Master Practitioner.


WHAT  students  SAY

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Thanks to learning Soul Tree Akashic Training Level 1 and 2,  I now have combined my medical massage and  Reiki business into a new field  of energetic healing that offers so much to my clients.


Investing in Soul Tree Training has changed my life - when I happened to be going through a divorce and needed the right guidance and push to go it on my own. I had no idea I could do this kind of work, but I can, and I am, at BMS Expo!


I thought what I experience since childhood was like a curse, but now I see it's a gift. I'm learning how to use my ability for good. I'm training to be practitioner and help my family and community.

There is so much to learn at Quintessence Studio - like what your inherent spiritual gifts and skills really are and how to apply them...what you thought were your quirks, flaws or bad karma, see what they look like from the flipside, as your natural creativityThis happens to be my inherent spiritual gift.  Seeing yours and helping you see them too. Here at Quintessence Studio, we put your quirky powers to use for the highest good.

Like me, you have unique gifts to bring to this aching world, even if you aren’t sure exactly what they are or how it could ever unfold. Often, it's what we are most afraid to share that this world needs most. And it needs to come from you. Maybe it's time to realize your purpose and get your gifts into action with some creative support. What have you noticed that the world needs most? Chances are, it’s something that you needed for yourself, a need so profound, it’s shaped who you are.


And it’s not showing up out there…yet.


Because you're going to be the one to bring it.

If you're looking for Akashic reading training, intuitive development, or for creative ways of how you can live your inspiration, then welcome to Quintessence Studio. Let's get started.


Apply for training today or simply get in touch with me directly with any questions you might have. Like for Akashic records reading and intuitive development programs, tuition for training is payable in flexible installments.  I look forward to working with you!


Beyond the Mind Barrier... Live from Higher Being 

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I believe who I am today is an active and dynamic mixture of what I truly love and other gifts I’ve stumbled upon, shaped by all my childhood struggles. Back then, I never would have imagined this outcome having emerged from a background in hard science...



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