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Q Music Studio

Music Beyond the Mind Barrier

Learning to make music needs to be as fun as listening to it. This won't be like anything you've tried before, that's a promise! My unique, inner freedom-based teaching methods are individualized to the needs and dreams of each student - perfect as a spiritual growth path because instructed is tailored to you. I accept new students of all backgrounds, interests, ages and skill levels from beginner to experienced. Online methods regardless of location. Lessons start at $75 per hour

Playing Piano

Develop performance quality agility & understand meaningful principles of musical relationship from a Royal Conservatory trained teacher. Make your best music at any level, by ear or from sheet music.​

Piano & Keyboard

Learn how to sing well, on pitch, easily and naturally with feeling and expression, even if you've only sung in the shower. If you can talk, you can learn to sing...and like the sound of your voice even with a microphone.

Studio Vocal Training

Invite your muse and learn tricks of the music and lyric process with an experienced songwriter who'll help you tap into your unique experiences and share your truth in song, uniquely, like nobody else but you.​

Songwriting & Arranging
Audio production

Learn to produce any audio from music to podcasts to voiceovers, simple to advanced, or let me do it for you. Whether it's music, audio lessons or narrative you can get it done here at Q Music Studio.

Audio Production
A.B. Arnold Music Lessons
Q Music Lessons
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