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Expand your perspective and possibilities with Higher View

Getting to Know Yourself from a Higher View takes time... your time begins now.


Maybe the one thing you need most in life, like me, is to truly know yourself. I heeded my calling and began expressing my divine gifts - but first I had to truly get to know myself - before I could even begin to know those gifts were truly there. I can tell you it takes work and I can also tell you your soul won’t rest either until it expresses its divinity through you. I discovered there is a baseline level of self-mastery we require in order to fulfill our life purpose. The courage, certitude, competency and connection that you own, that demonstrate your self-mastery, only shine from you when you are willing to truly know yourself. Not someone else's version of who you should be.


You probably signed up to do this work because something is calling you to begin doing your thing. I pursued and further researched many self-healing modalities until I found the way to know my inherent safety in just who I am, and to clearly define what my life's inspiration is. Maybe you still need to figure that out for yourself, and that's perfect! This process will be about inviting knowledge and filling yourself with conscious and tangible experiences of your natural gifts and capabilities. I have spent decades working on the application of my gifts toward mastery in the real-world and not just in my imagination. I have learned how to connect with and communicate with my core being, my soul and higher self. And from there, I do my thing. Just as you will do yours.


How do you want to use your own gifts and give back to this world? Do you know what your gifts and natural talents are? I hope you'll be willing to explore despite any resistance you might feel to stepping up and stepping out, whatever your perceived obstacles and limitations. If you have a dream to achieve something deeply important to you, and it hasn't been happening for you, let's get started!

the secret to lasting change

We're gonna address right off the bat why people are having such a hard time truly changing the way they think and the way they feel - as bad as they want to - very little of what they try seems to take hold and bring the kind of lasting change they've been seeking. All the books, the courses, the reading, talking, strategizing...what gives?


In this lesson, I'm going to teach you the central secret to deep, meaningful and lasting change in yourself - and how you can begin that process for yourself - today. Right now. And you'll see you don't need any courses or books or in fact, anything external of you at all.


I don't know the exact reason you signed up for this training, but I'm willing to bet that underlying the need to investigate and explore this kind of work is because you know there's gotta be more to life than what you're currently experiencing. The truth is there's so much more to YOU than you'll ever consciously be aware of. Ultimately, bottom line, that's why you're here. Some part of you senses that you need to know yourself better than you already do in order to get unstuck or move forward so you can live your inspiration - whatever that may be. The answers you've been seeking are in you - not outside of you. Having heard that a million times by now, you're going to start living it. Today. Beginning with these three concepts:


1. the problem with advice


2. we didn't come with a spiritual ops manual


3. how to determine what you really feel and want



The Problem with Advice


There's just too much of it - and it's all outside of you. Just because it sounded bang on when someone else said and you were sure it "resonated", change still eludes you.


External advice is chock full of what worked for them but rarely seems to work for you. There is a distinct difference between acquiring knowledge through learning, gaining wisdom through experience versus interviewing everyone you know for their opinion before you make a decision, begging someone to just tell you what to do or worse, having them do it for you. 


Bottom line, it's the difference between arriving at your own solution for yourself versus taking someone else's word to get you going. Who hasn't given great advice to someone who asked for it, and then bitched around the corner because they didn't follow it? 


Lasting change doesn't come from external advice. It has to come from within...yeah, we've heard that a million times too. Even if we believe we've internalized a decision based on external advice and forced our will in line with it, that's still only at a surface level, in the mind....and never emanated originally from your heart and soul. It's difficult to force something to lodge into your essential being if it wasn't there to begin with. Yet, we all go about life trying to bring about change just this way. That's how we end up out of alignment with our divine nature and our core inner truth. 


Advice from society, media, well-intentioned others rarely brings lasting change because, ultimately, the answer didn't come from you, by you and won't really be the best FOR you. Your soul knows what you need. Take advice from your higher self first.

We didn't come with a Spiritual Ops Manual


Mechanical, logical, predictable and orderly things come with manuals. Troubleshooting and debugging is for circuits and code and all things that come with designated pathways. None of which are we. We have free will and face forks in the road that branch multiple ways at each offering. 


We are spiritual beings having a human experience and while there may be human ops manuals (like medicine, dentistry, education, driving lessons etc...), the spiritual and energetic parts of who we are have no such resources here to help us out. So many choices that span at least three dimensions of our being (physical, energetic and spiritual)...what to do? 


We've seen and still use what's out there...Soft tissue MRI can locate a tumor of cells in the physical body, just as an x-ray can display how a broken bone needs to be reset. Physical systems work at the physical level. But slapping a bandaid on your elbow to heal your broken heart will never work. Just like vitamins and natural supplements do little t nothing when you're in spiritual crisis. 


Without some kind of direction and application that appeals to the entire holistic self, how do we assure lasting beneficial change when it comes to things like willpower, apathy, longings and urges, crises of faith and meaning, addictions and dependencies that transcend the physical with nothing but challenge and more questions? We can never move toward self mastery facing all these challenges that rise above the physical plane without resources or tools for change. 


We need a spiritual ops manual so that we may rise above the density of the physical to face first, then address these intangibles. The problem is, no one else can or should write our spiritual ops manual for us. This is something we need to do for ourselves alone. This training will help you do that.


How to be sure of what you really feel and want




If you don't know what you really want, you might not know who you really are. Start by reading the E-Book above by clicking on that you are creativity embodied as you are. This is where this kind of work comes into service for our whole being so you can get to Know Yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are you willing to move in a direction that has been relatively unexplored by you? 

  • Do you want to at least get a few chapters of your spirit ops manual written? Something you can keep working on and adding to...the most helpful guide for the here and now with no limitations for future growth and change...? 

  • Are you excited about exploring your uncharted territory within (or above) where crucial hypotheses are still untested and the results of your inner knowing is what matters most?


If you are willing to be the opti-mystic explorer, one who is ready and willing to delve deeply within and explore the universe of you...then by all means, I'm here for you. With Higher View free training, you can learn how to connect with your own soul and higher self, allow everything YOU know from a higher view to come to your conscious awareness, whether it be for knowledge and wisdom, healing, understanding or that you be who you are. Naturally. Finally. 


Up till now, it's been difficult to feel the kind of certitude that we'd love to feel when making decisions or choices, when putting our hearts, souls, thoughts and feelings on the line out there for anything else to tromp on it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not just feel like we're making our best guess, or if under the gun, grasping for a solution out of panic? 


Wouldn't it be so much more strengthening to know how and where you stand, what you really think, and how you really feel aside from external provocations? Imagine if you could learn how to answer your innermost pressing questions yourself and get untangled from the knots of misbeliefs, conditioning and perceived self-limitations.


Most of us think we have been doing this already. But the life we're living right now strongly suggests we might have been mistaken...or misled. Get going and get unstuck. Let's embark on a journey that will show you for yourself that your path is exactly where you are and need to be for what's coming next...The higher view will show you how okay and correct it is for YOUR path. 

figured out this lesson's secret?


Q  Your investigation today as part of your lesson is to write out what you feel the secret to lasting change is. Read your Higher View  Training E-Book "create As You Are. I will warmly welcome your answers by email at


[HINT - it does have to do with introspection and turning inward, but it goes WAY further for pragmatic reasons. It does have to do with addressing who we are at all levels of our being - physical, energetic and spiritual - simultaneously. Plus TWO huge principles or virtues that we will learn to live by - can you figure out what they are?]

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That's why you are here...

Thanks to working with you, the reconnection I feel with my higher self and my creative power is back. I’m amazed, and so thankful. This was so much fun!”  Nancy L

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