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Fundamental Building Blocks

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I am here to change the world. And so are you. But how and where the changes take place are not obvious to us, overtly.

The almighty human being, endowed with gifts greater than all of the other conscious creatures, more often than not exhibits less consciousness than my schefflera, in vain attempt to prove mental domination over the cosmos. Then over each other. Then over me...I resent that.

I never liked the saying, “Those who can’t, teach.” 'That's as absurd as saying, “Those who don’t, read.” (or watch movies or sit around chatting with friends in cafes instead). Further absurdity of mythological proportion: extroverts are better than introverts. And a WON-derful one from my own cultural background: Left-handers cannot perform particular ritual offering with their left hand.

I’m not totally anti- my Indian cultural background. I just don’t view “a background” as an identifier of “me”. I want to acknowledge all separating backgrounds of race, culture, and philosophy as applicable, available and ridiculous simultaneously and with equal opportunity. From there, I pick and choose what resonates with my soul. That is the best that I can do to create “individuality”, built out of mythological, spiritual, and cosmological LEGO pieces.

When I was a child, I loved LEGO and I admit that I wanted to have all the LEGO in the world. ALL OF IT. Because for me, the possibilities were endless, it WAS a new toy everyday, and I was an only child.

Physics and science have long based all theories on two fundamental cosmological principles: Energy and Matter. Thousands of years before the Axial- and Golden-Age hoopla, the Vedics revered three of them: Mind, Energy and Matter. They suspected, or knew, or were ready to dream of Universal Mind – the essence of consciousness that is the Source of everything. It is the self-presence imparted to every single thing that exists in the universe. Some today remember the Vedic term of Akasha, what is called Quintessence or the fifth element, as being the foundation of our universe. Vedic MIND-Stuff is the finest essence underlying and spanning the wraparound spectrum that when densified becomes Energy, although still intangible is measurable. When further densified, Energy becomes tangible Matter. Go deep enough into densification (think black holes here for fun) and you get back into the quantum sub levels that in their minuteness return back to the infinitesimal essence of Mind once more.

Universal Mind is not mentation, it is not mentality, it isn't anyone's mind as we know it, it isn't even "thinking". Consider it more like being-ness, existence and the awareness imbued to whatever "it" is.

And so I cannot have all the LEGO in the world. Nor can you. None of us can. Ultimately, it’s all around us, everywhere, in everything. We share the lot that we have to work with, with each other, and with all that exists that we’ve never even seen, and in places we’ve never been to. As a species hell-bent on answers more than we have cared about the questions, we have our select pieces that we play with and we are satisfied because we built a four-walled house complete with shuttered windows using the clear plastic awning pieces that totally dress it up and make us feel powerful in our knowledge.

I'm willing to wonder: what if the structure of LEGO were amorphous, like clay, or play-doh that WE were in charge of shaping? What if a building block was a self-aware vapor that takes the shape of the container we give it? And what if we had access to nary 5% of the building-block MIND-stuff that has given us the Energy of electricity, magnetism, gravitation, and the Matter we identify as salt, quarks, chocolate and neutrinos? What if the other 95% we’ve never played with is OUT THERE??

Here’s a thought one step further….what if it all was IN HERE?

What if I could sculpt and shape myself?

Maybe I could change the world. - ABA

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