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The Sound of Change

One thing is constant in our universe: change.

It comes unannounced, it tests us, shakes us up, ebbs and flows in sometimes recognizable cycles, and occasionally asks us to hold our breath and not move a muscle. Why are we always knocked out by it when it's always there? How do we deal with change? Learn to feel it coming. Expect it. According to the ancient Chinese wisdom oracle I Ching, adapting to change is our best mode of living. The book has never let us down over 2500 years on. It teaches careful cultivation of non-resistance to change/adapting. - that is what is being asked of us. The long-term state of static equilibrium does not exist (meaning everything is in constant movement), neither does perfection, nor completion - perhaps only in our imagined comfort zone as the destination where we hope to arrive. In neuroscience, our inertial state of resistance to change, usually blanketed in fear for anything other than what is, that's the typical default mode setting.

If we are receptive to something new, it comes down to how you embrace it: via mixed martial arts defense, whistling a happy tune, or dancing like everyone is watching. In my case, I tend to write through trying times and now I wish to create some music that sings an ode to change. I wish to sing out the song of the new. I have no idea what it might sound like. I have mostly completed the restructuring of Quintessence Studio Online to reflect my personal shift back towards music. After decades of learning, honing and providing Akashic healing and spiritual communication, there is a sense of fullness and completion that called for rest within me. I took a nap. I woke up to the sound of change that I'm grateful was not alarming.

The mega-move from Colorado in summer 2022 was depletive to my soul and body. This new year 2024 will see specifically the creation of Quintessence Studio Actual in the existing 2-car garage we're still using for storage here at the Mothership. This space had long been set aside for mainly the music studio, where collaboration, recording and audio production and other creative endeavours shall have their birthplace. Working with my builder-contractor, the studio will be sound treated, and feature a live room and a "deader" adjacent cloud-ceiling mixing space. It will be the manifestation of a lifelong dream.

Music is a thing of spirit. Think of music that has touched you deep inside. Have you ever heard a sound that awakened a sixth sense and gave you chills? Or know a song that reduces you to tears and you have no idea why? That's your soul expressing itself in resonance to the feeling of sound, not the sound of sound alone. In much the same way, the sound of change is subtle and must be listened for, like a pin dropping. It has healing powers. Once you hear It, you must heed to It. The sound of change in me has been calling to bring out and bring back the enveloping, 'feels like a hug' healing sensation of music back to this aching world. This deep feeling in me is an affect, not an effect of sound. And It can be expressed and transmitted, received and felt by another via sound. Sound is the carrier of It. And that It comes into you by a different pathway than how sound is received by ears. These mystical healing vibrations are embedded, inaudible but very much felt by our subtle body. Like when someone sends you loving thoughts or energy, and you "get" them...the secret is in the intention of the sender. If you've ever sat in the presence of live music, and felt your experience, you know. As a master Akashic practitioner, I've become an expert at working across dimensions, into the invisible realms and I still can't tell you how or why it works. Anyone who's experienced the benefits of Akashic work does not question these mysteries - we're just overwhelmed with gratitude that it's a thing.

I listen for change. Always. I like the sound of change and I welcome it, for I am tired, and my spiritual energy reserves have been tapped out, and long spent. The mega move took a lot out of me, no doubt if you've looked at me lately, I did age by at least 10 yrs. The demands were too great and many, now, the healing facilitator is need of healing herself. No, I needn't vent to another human being, turn to any guru, settle on any platitude, dogma or trend for coping with change. I need only connect back up or in to Its origin - and get on its wavelength and ride it home. The sound of this change is silent...for now. But I can feel it, especially when I sing. Even more when I listen to the piano strings shimmer from the sympathy. And soon, so will you. Because you will hear it - hopefully via the world's leading edge high density digital audio systems that will capture and convey It back to you. That way, if you can't be here experiencing music live with me, this will be the next closest thing - at a felt level. Gotta try. Wish us luck. xo

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