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Creativity on Your Terms

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This handy tip for creativity has only one step. And you can do that step now. Think of something that you know you need to make a decision about.

Here it is. Step 1. Ready?

1. Make a choice based on what YOU want.

Yes, that's the one step. The only step that's ever required, no matter what you want to create. All you have to do is choose. You experience creativity at a fundamental level via the basic act of choosing. Is there some kind of trick to this? Not so much a trick, or skill, but rather an essential truth underlying your choice: you must make your choice by and for yourself, from inside you. Then take action based on your choice. That's not a step 2, it's still step 1, the implied fulfillment part of the ACT of "Making the choice". 

Now, you've created something true of you and are already further back in alignment than where you were before. Congratulations! [I made my choice too. Make mine chocolate. To go.]

Creativity isn't what you thought it was, is it?

It's SO MUCH more than aesthetic art or music and yet so much less "separate" from you than you ever imagined. What a relief! So on that note, now that you've made your choice, reflect for one moment and ask yourself,"Was my choice, my creation, from my deepest core, was it truly my soul's pick?"Or did your mind assert what it thought it "should" choose?

Go ahead and introspect to see if your soul wants to create something, just because it needs to. What's your soul pulling you toward? What is it asking you? What is it crying for?

Does your mind, thinking the ways it does about everything and everyone else, force something other than what your soul inspires? If your answer to this question is no, then you have made a choice in alignment with your soul's desire. This is the action to take. However, If your answer was yes to the mind's urging, you will feel pulled away from your highest path to another direction that doesn't make your heart sing because of something else that "should" be instead.

Getting out of alignment and continuing to live your life this way takes place by a successive series of choices that you have made, consciously or unconsciously, that keep moving you further away from soul and higher self toward mind and external authority, all that is NOT you. Your soul and higher self are naturally tuned to be in alignment with truth, and Source, yet it is the mental, emotional, egoic and energetic aspects of ourselves, which shift out of alignment according to our choices and actions, that pull us out of kilter. And that's a strain on our system that we feel instinctively as an inner battle, or resistance...something that steals our Inner Freedom. What must be an energetic straightline flow of truth to and from Source has been misdirected and constricted...and gets tangled up in our mind and heart, as knotted up thoughts and emotions.

Now you may understand that natural creativity is as simple as it gets. One inspiration that emanates from soul and higher self leads to one clear impulse that radiates within you. Responding to what may be that deep and wordless stimulus by choosing to take the associated action is natural creativity.

Making the choice to take action from a wayward, often louder or forced, thought or emotion, at the urge of any authority other than your soul and higher self, is not creativity. It is an auto-pilot conditioned response that is likely way out of alignment with the true you. Going this route often feels that it wasn't a real choice from your inner authority at all. Those kinds of "choices" are not choices at all, as you are rendered helpless to repeat a pattern that hasn't served, and feel choiceless in the end anyway. How disempowering.

So go deeper, and consider that an array of choices that you've never been aware of are truly available to you. When you are in alignment, the spread of options grows widely because the limitations are no longer capped on you by external authority, resistance and bindings. When you are in alignment, Inner Freedom is the state of being that emerges because of the limitless possibilities and the expansive range of choices that come into your awareness. This is how you can make a choice based on what YOU, the true you, want.

The secret to the simplicity is getting back in natural alignment. That's creativity on your terms.-ABA 

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