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Submit Your Story for 'Quintessential Experiences'

Have you had an unexplained experience? or a series of them?

Something that still astounds you? That you still haven’t been able to figure out? A curious experience you’re willing to share? It could be a strange meeting or sighting, or a communication with a loved one on the other shore or an extraordinary synchronicity... Submit your story – you could be featured on the show Quintessential Experiences - where all manner of mystical is discussed and insights are gleaned from a Higher View! The show’s mission statement is to “Explore the wonder of our ordinary miracles”, so we are truly interested, and not bent on judging or debunking.

If someone you know has a story, please direct them here, with thanks! All stories submitted will be received and reviewed by me personally.

Soul Tree Akashic Healing is all about soul experience and relationships, and solving spiritual conundrums, to help people like you and I make and derive meaning from inexplicable events, with the help from Higher Realm. Here’s a questionnaire to submit your story. Copy and paste into your email body and type away! Send your answers to

1. How would you describe your experience? as otherworldly, spiritual/sacred, special location, miraculous or divine intervention, psychic, paranormal or metaphysical, timetravel, dream state /astral, pre- or near-death experience, other…. Please state all that apply.

2. Your name:

3. Names of any others who had the experience with you:

4. Where you live, where you’re from:

5. Where the experience happened:

6. When the experience happened:

7. Give us some backstory…What you had been doing, going through or grappling with leading up to that experience, if anything.

8. Describe your experience in as much detail as you can recall, include physical and sensory, what went through your conscious mind etc…

9. What about the experience still resonates in you as extraordinary or curious?

10. Was there a message conveyed in this experience?

11. What meaning did you derive from this experience?

12. How did this experience change you? Could you tell anyone about it?

13. Have you heard of anyone else experiencing what you’ve experienced?

14. Has this experience provoked you to do further research or investigation on your own?

15. Do you believe in miracles? Did you believe differently before this experience?

16. What have you gone on to do differently since this experience? Where do you feel you’re at now?

Please add any additional information:

Thank You! email to, I will get back to you via email.

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