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Welcome to Quintessence Studio online - for those of you who have visited the previous edition on the old server, you'll see many new additions bringing us up to date, so that I can work with anyone regardless of location. While many of us are feeling more closed in and isolated nowadays, rest assured I reach out further to you.

I still feel strongly that the faster the external world goes, the slower I wish to move...this helps me stay present, short of disconnecting completely. Trust me, there have been times....and I know I risk being left behind. In which case, say hi to the future for me.

The most recent stages of reworking this online world has dealt mainly with content update and addition, punctuating with the core message of the Studio throughout - revealing your creative genius - and making space for what we can create, even from a distance. In the real world, as opposed to this virtual one, my dream was always to have this workplace of Higher Being manifest in the physical world. And that's quite alright in virtuality as I have learned that distance is no longer the exclusionary limitation to valid experience. You no longer have to be in the same room as the colorwork to have it energize you. Music's canvas is silence, here or there. So wherever the music sounds is where one can be touched in their heart by it. Guidance and breaking through personal barriers does not have to come by face-to-face presence of your guide. Even the spiritual mysticality of our interconnectedness comes through clearly.

I love what I do (Soul Tree Akashic Healing, composing, writing, musical creation, creative explorations etc...) and while it may be very difficult for me to express my own creative process, I do know that I can communicate to you how to engage yours, how to reach deep within yourself and express what you need to perfectly - in your perfect way.

I realize now that the online expansion isn't as much about the's about expanding me - by means of sharing and communicating, far beyond the local hermitude. But do know that if there's the chance to sit face-to-face and have tea together, that's still my first preference. -ABA

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