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Akashic Healing and Creativity Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Akasha is the ancient Sanskrit word for the field, medium, or 'ether' from which the four classical elements are derived. The term means, “space” or “sky” and Akasha is also considered to be the substratum of sound. Such an omnipresent field or plenum is revered as informed (containing information) via its natural dynamic ability to grow and store the “memories” of all that occurs in the universe. Just as the “energetic” ripple from one pebble on a still pond relays valuable experiential information, the Akashic Field is like the water that receives (and keeps a record of) thoughts, words, and actions from conscious awareness and all souls that experience consciousness. In this way, Akasha itself is an aware and conscious foundation of our universe.

Akasha, being omnipresent, exists both outside of us as well as within us. The physical body is so much more than it appears to be and it is not separate from other conscious beings. It is integrated with the energy body and spiritual bodies all at once, and our existence extends to and overlaps with many dimensions beyond what we know in the world of matter, space, and time. 

My work involves healing, clearing, and transmuting of trapped vital life force energy at the physical, energetic and spiritual realms together. I have found that one level of healing alone is insufficient. I consider my work to be Akashic healing because as a spiritual worker, I access the client’s Akashic record during readings to ascertain exactly what needs attending to. The Akashic record, for any individual, provides needful information on key unconscious memories, pitfalls and the nature of repeating patterns and cycles that have solidified over myriad choices and experiences, which ultimately undermine overall health and well-being.  Hand in hand with creative activity and explorations that provide a grounded, safe and healthy outlet for trapped energy, the client experiences the benefits of intuitive and creative boosts as well as more energy, vitality and passion for life.

Because Akasha is also the substratum of sound, which would not exist without this quintessence / fifth element. I use sound as a vehicle for Akashic healing in Soul Tree work in a unique and proprietary way.  Just as the primordial resources of water, color and light have healing properties for a living being, so does sound. I have been studying the physics of sound since childhood, in university, and as a musical artist my whole life. Based on years of research and experience, I utilize sound waves as they interact with our brains, which in turn influence new neural pathways, and affect us at all levels of mind (subconscious, conscious and superconscious). Sound can literally alter our state of being. Just as an ultra-sonic cleaner removes the guck and grime stuck inside your jewelry’s intricate surfaces, my Akashic sound prescriptions work similarly in gently but effectively clearing cell receptor sites in the body.

The American Center for Disease Control has done extensive research and states that as much as 85% of illness is based in emotional dis-ease. Research has proven that thoughts, words, and actions influence our emotions, which affect our cells, DNA, and our immune system. Scientists, medical doctors, and researchers, most notably Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton, have shown that the suppression of emotions at the time they are experienced lead to the blockage of individual cell receptors at the molecular level that subsequently inhibit and interfere with normal healthy functioning. It is important to be aware, at at conscious level, of what changes we need to make in our intents, words and deeds, as responding to our emotions healthily is crucial for lasting holistic healing.

Consciously choosing a beneficial response, which allows feelings and emotions to be acknowledged, freely felt, to let them flow, and to give them correct attention and a healthy outlet is what keeps receptors from getting blocked. As Dr. Chopra teaches in Quantum Healing, by treating old, trapped feelings and emotions, known as phantom memories, cell receptor sites that have been blocked for years may be cleared and they return to a normal, healthy function once again. Trauma and suppressed emotion in those cells otherwise will continue to regenerate as “corrupted,” causing disease, even cancer, in long-term extreme cases.

“All disease and illness is just the loss of the memory of wholeness at the cellular level.” says Dr. Chopra. “When a cell loses its connection with the rest of our body, it begins to act randomly, causing havoc and destruction.” He insists that what is necessary for healing is a conscious, spiritual connection inside ourselves. “We begin to reconnect with our essential nature and bring back the memory of wholeness into our lives. When our cells remember wholeness or health, they will automatically act in a way that is best for health and happiness.” In this way, the consciousness of health is experienced throughout the body, not just in individual cells, the brain, or the subconscious mind, but in all of it.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, says, "My belief is that we can all find the rhythms and harmonics of our celestial music, and that our efforts will enable us to live extraordinary lives filled with peace, passion, health, and a sense of unity with the universe." He believes, and has based his life’s work on the principle, that “sound, voice, and music are potent tools for restoring the inner balance of the body and awakening the spirit.” Numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of sound and music. It can lower blood pressure, lower heart and respiratory rates, reduce cardiac complications, increase the immune response, and boost our natural opiates. Gaynor knows, when integrated as part of a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness, music can play a significant part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or in healing serious disease.

To me, creative expression is the best method of utilizing the vital force energy newly released from trapped cellular sites. Creating is what we do as humans, there is nothing more natural or meaningful. Listening to music and responding internally to sound is something so automatic for our brains to do and that is the passive/receptive part of the Soul Tree Akashic Healing work. Actually doing the creative explorations is the active/productive portion of the healing work, and it IS good work, where the will and intent to authentically self-express literally corrals, harnesses and channels that liberated energy and gives it the most healthy outlet there is in life. That old, high- maintenance, wasting emotional energy literally does not have the chance to settle back into its old seat because it is transmuted and given a purpose that is aligned to the soul, whose only purpose is to create and experience itself. Whether you use your own voice to create healing sound, or work with color in an art environment, or engage in writing or oral storytelling, all forms of creative expression count in Soul Tree Akashic Healing as therapeutic ways of seeing the internal emotional transmutation and healing process through to an experiential and in many cases tangible completion. -ABA

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