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Catch the preview of the Quintessence Studio video blog talk show that welcomes you and your extraordinary experiences - weird and wonderful, we feature your stories  of the unexplained and work our hardest to get you more answers. Meet your hosts Anjali (Master Akashic Practitioner), Marion (internationally renowned spirit communicator /medium) and Mark (global anomalous investigator).


Get a glimpse of upcoming episodes featuring real folks, true stories, and get excited to learn how lives are transformed for the better, via each guest.  This show is about YOU for YOU - whether you're questioning reality in these crazy times, on a radical growth path to self-discovery or you happened to bear witness to something so're not even sure who to tell.


This show is for you if you are looking for meaning, inspiration or change. We are not interested in debunking your experience, but rather to help you find and create meaning toward deeper understanding of your life's miracles, mysteries and magic. Are you ready to grow Beyond the Mind Barrier?

WHAT clients SAY

Mark C. Derry, Ireland
Chartered Institute of Journalists
& The Royal Television Society

I'm here to say that Anjali and her Soul Tree Akashic work at Quintessence Studio works deep, works fast, and it doesn't have a shelf life.  You’ll be able to do things you were stuck on before. Anjali is incredible at facilitating this journey. I wish for you all to experience the inner peace that I feel now, and I highly recommend Soul Tree Akashic Healing with Anjali at Quintessence Studio to facilitate your journey. As for me, I’m on to my next global-based film project!

Bhavna C. Gibraltar BOT
Alternative Natural Healer

 I feel that Anjali is a gifted, humble, authentic practitioner and - perhaps most importantly - her intentions in this field are pure and sincere.   With Anjali, I felt that I was in very safe hands and I am very grateful for all the help and healing she did. The day after my reading, I woke up feeling noticeably lighter and I really believe the clearings she did worked. I would highly recommend a Soul Tree Akashic reading with Anjali. Thank you!

Rebecca H., New Brunswick
Speech Pathologist -Energy Healer

With Soul Tree Akashic practitioner training courses I gained skills and knowledge to be able to incorporate Akashic readings and healing in my own energy healing practice. Soul Tree Akashic work is a powerful tool for healing the past, present, and future. Anjali is an amazing practitioner and teacher. She is smart, knowledgeable, highly intuitive, and totally committed to her clients and students. She gives just the right nudges of potentiality to empower them in their progress along their own individual Akashic Path.


Grow Beyond the Mind Barrier

Soul Tree Akashic Healing programs are naturally individualized to your specific healing needs, for your particular situation and not anyone else's - because it starts from your soul and works via the spiritual connection to your Higher Being.


Soul Tree Akashic programs with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations can take up to three months - it’s different for each person - it’s not a quick-fix that leaves you in the same state as when you started.


While spiritual transformation is immediate, It takes time for baggage to be released from your physical body. With the full program that brings about alchemical transmutation, you feel lighter, brighter, wiser and ready to take new action in alignment with your intention.


No more tangled knots of misguiding false beliefs, irrelevant ideas or indecision, no more mental or emotional blocks and internal resistance. You have clarity and resilience to take new actions.

Soul Tree Old Icon.png


What we do here at Quintessence Studio does not indulge details of past life curiosities. We do so much more to gently and easily answer your exact  burning questions than just rattling off some wise platitudes to take new actions. This work will never insist you change to become something other than what you truly are. This is the secret to rising to your potential as you are designed to be. This is creative capability carried by your deepest longings.

If today were to be your last day to make a difference in this world are you certain of all you could have been capable of? Did you truly know yourself? Do you believe it is possible to release exactly what has been holding you back?


Experience mind-body clarity and harmony of Soul Tree Akashic Healing that starts where you are, and raises your spiritual altitude along with your inspirational attitude...bringing you closer to manifesting your highest vision and potential so you can Live Your Inspiration.

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