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Listen now to heart-centered and celtic/world influenced original music, remakes and cover songs, performed, arranged and/or composed by A.B. Arnold, produced at Q Music Studio. Anjali's vocal clarity is fortified by simplicity and modesty... Quintessence music conveys her crystal clear expressive intention because she performs from spirit. 

Crying Out Loud for Lov - Quintessence (arr A.B. Arnold, JM Pisapia)
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Spirit of Discovery - Quintessence (A.B. Arnold)
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Must I Remember - Quintessence (arr A.B. Arnold, JM Pisapia)
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Must I Always Remember (cover) - Quintessence (The Box - JM Pisapia)
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Feathers Reel - Ether Ore (arr A.B. Arnold, A Payzant)
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Home Intro - Quintessence (A.B. Arnold)
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No longer perturbed by fear of judgment or stage fright as in childhood, Anjali overcame her fear of being seen and the challenges of society's judgment, comparison, rejection and criticism, along with her own struggle for "originality". Now, she performs her music in public, openly shares her work and stands strongly in herself in all avenues of growth. Anjali is a pianist, vocalist, music teacher and collaborator, composer and arranger.








Focusing her teaching on the methods of technique and  performing  excellence, she was trained in the Royal Conservatory of Music. Anjali began playing by ear as a toddler on a neighbor's piano; she is unique and gifted in teaching others who have never taken formal lessons  to reach their music expression dreams and goals, including performance,  college-level music programs as well as self-healing through the use of music and sound via Creative Explorations, vocal expression and NeuroSound.


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Develop performance quality agility & understand meaningful principles of musical relationship from a Royal Conservatory trained teacher. Make your best music at any level, by ear or from sheet music. Lessons for piano/keyboard, vocal training, songwriting, composing, arranging are individualized to you, so you can create the music you want to make. You can even learn how to record your work.


Purchase Quintessence Studio's proprietary Akashic sound healing.  Enjoy the transformative wonders of spiritual self-healing through sound. Akashic Healing made audible through neuroscience with earthly and intergalactic yourself of self-imposed limitations and develop inner freedom and outer expression with repeated use. CD, thumbdrive or download available.

The part of you that you are most afraid to share is what this world needs most.

That's why you are here...

Clear Confident Connection

Marlene Zaleznick, Art of Feminine Presence


The songs she writes come from her heart…they give me chills and move me to tears. Her music is spiritually transportive, just being in presence of the vibration and energy has healing powers.”

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