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Akashic Work Moves You Beyond the Mind Barrier

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Carrie and I spend an hour talking in depth about what the soul holds on to as burdens, its perceptions of safety, how the ego, our upbringing and surrounding life circumstances build the mind barrier that we can't seem to penetrate when we need clarity and inner truth the most. Learn how Akashic work doesn't promote the same emotional muck-raking as therapy or past life regressions when it comes to healing and releasing stored memories of spiritual burdens. By moving beyond the mind barrier, instead of attacking it, miracles happen and you access the answers already within you.

Carrie Farmer, creator of Soul Life Treasure Hunt - the game of personal growth, is a long-time beloved client and now my colleague in helping to change the world one soul at a time. You can get an idea and experience her work at and on facebook at

She wanted to bring an Akashic perspective to her audience and we did this interview, which is really more of a discussion and lively chat about several topics relevant to souls at this confusing and challenging time. Enjoy this, from the bottom of our hearts - ABA and CFC

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